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Zinka Sunscreen itself came to be on the shores of Southern California at the tail end of the 80's where the white zinc coated noses of lifeguards inspired a vision to create and merge sunscreen and color together in the spirit of 80's fashion. With 80's fashion twenty some odd years behind us all, the parachute pants have surely faded but Zinka's vision in maintaining the color nose-coat sunscreen trend while using safe ingredients and providing for a higher SPF rating in light of an ever-scorching sun has not.

In that, Zinka prides itself as the original action sports sunscreen company. With a formula time-tested through 25 years of research, testing, and development - Zinka continues to make its presence known with a water-resistant and effective product, distinguished in the market. In doing just that, Zinka employs a variety of ingredients that includes everything from carrot extract, shea butter, and petrolatum to green tea extract and jojoba seed oil — prized for its' moisturizing qualities. All of these carefully calculated ingredients and more, have made its way into the Zinka product for its inherent combatant ability to shield you from the scorching sun.

As a testament to the continued evolution of its product line, the Zinka SPF 50 Face Stick gives you a unique method at no mess application at the same rate as an effective, water resistant protective layer with the added bonus of no greasy aftereffects. Along that thread, Zinka offers a variety of methods for the application of its suncare products, like that which the Zinka Face Stick SPF 50 utilizes and the typical hand application variety as well as the spray application line that includes the Zinka Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+. On the innovative bandwagon, the Zinka Sunscreen Spray SPF 30+ offers a smooth and quick application that covers a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB that dries even quicker and spares you from the need of a team effort attack in covering those unreachable areas with the added sensation of the out of the blue cold-handed touch. More still, Zinka offers a variety of additional lines of lotions, balms, and even surf gear and accessories too. With products like the SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion maintaining that fair complexion of yours with oil free aloe vera and vitamin A & E enrichment — you can concentrate your efforts on waxing the board with Zinka's Colored Surf Wax variety to fully take advantage of the sunshine's splendors from sunrise to sunset.

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