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About YES

Yes. It is the most positive of all the words. Yes is agreeable and generous. The word is optimistic and hopeful while always remaining loaded with infectious energy. YES Snowboards embodies everything that the word stands for. Never saying no, and always ready to go, YES is a mentality, a movement, and a way of life. YES is snowboarding.

Three guys, who are as different from each other as a trio of dudes can be, agreed on one thing: they wanted to make snowboarding more awesome. In their individual unique ways, each guy exemplifies the word, not just in how they ride, but also how they approach life. They have selflessly poured their souls into this cause as they have taken snowboarding out of its cage and released it back into its natural habitat. YES is their pride. YES is their joy. And now it can be yours too.

The Basic is everything you need from a board, and nothing you don’t. YES just wanted to make a straight up good snowboard that can handle all-mountain freestyle like nobodies business. This true twin rocks a centered stance and Camrock shape to perfectly equip you to launch a lethal assault on any terrain. The medium flex flows well in all snow types so that you can deal with any obstacles that come your way. While it does come loaded with a progressive build, YES stripped down The Basic to give snowboarders a no frills stick with which to dominate.

There is nothing like the ability to go anywhere you want, or tackle any feature you desire. The Pick Your Line allows you to do exactly that. This stacked directional board is your all-terrain vehicle that gives you access to every nook and cranny on the mountain. Designed with a Freeride Camrock shape and Tragna Maction, you get unparalleled pop and grip so you can rip whatever comes your way with authority. With this bad boy strapped to your feet, you can tackle even the most technical runs with precision and power, so go ahead, say YES and Pick Your Line.

Paying homage to those who have come before and paved the way for the rest of us, The Greats snowboard line shows some respect to the innovative trail blazers who helped define riding. What better way to do so than with a stick that will let you ride absolutely everything? This all-mountain masher rocks a medium flexing twin shape and an asymmetrical sidecut, which gets a bit deeper on your heel side so that you can ride switch just as good as you do straight up. The versatility that is packed into The Greats is truly definitive of what riding YES snowboards is all about.

Joy or pain, old or new, YES is an expression through snowboarding. So, show some teeth. Go ahead and say, YES!

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