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Xcel Surf Gear

For nearly 30 years, Xcel has been obsessed with maximizing your time in the water. They are dedicated to breaking the barriers that seasons once formed by producing surfwear that keeps you warm and firing on all cylinders no matter what the forecast says. Ed D’Ascoli founded Xcel with a vision of connecting high-performance gear with athletes that demand that sort of thing. Xcel’s passionate spotlight on product development has become a defining trait of the brand.

Like a fearless general leading the charge, the Infinit X-Zip Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit is at the front of the pack of Xcel’s premium gear. They poured all their gnarliest technology and materials into this bad boy to give those hardcore surfers the equipment necessary to go even when all other say no. Crafted from 100% UltraStretch neoprene, this surfing wetsuit sets you up with unparalleled levels of comfort and warmth for those days when the ocean is chillier than doing naked snow angels.

Trusted by the most elite female surfers across the globe, the Xcel Women’s Drylock Hooded makes frigid waters as friendly as a Jacuzzi. Dedicated to hooking ladies up with the most advanced warmth levels, wetsuits for surfing like these are also locked into superior comfort. Constructed with QDF, V Foam, and Airprene technologies that team up to create a quick-drying material that is lighter, softer, and stretchier than any other wetsuit for surf. Equipped with the most advanced fabrics and built via the most progressive processes, women’s Xcel wet suits are a true industry standard.

There is nothing more important that keeping your head in prime operating order. If conditions are too cold and you have inadequate protection, the danger factor increases substantially. That is something Xcel does not allow. They keep your dome all nice and cozy inside hoods like the Drylock 2mm that comes outfitted with a brim, double flap neck dam, and an adjustable elastic cinch to make sure your most important asset stays warm and happy.

When things get chilly, fingers and toes start to loose their ability to function properly, but Xcel has developed boots and gloves to keep your extremities operating at peak performance. Like all Xcel Infiniti surf booties, the 5mm Round Toe is 100% blindstitched to deliver a watertight construction. Between the ThermoCarbon lining, the UltraStretch ankle panels made with neoprene, and Velcro cinches at the instep, you get a superior fit that even collaborates with your wetsuit. The Xcel Drylock 5-Finger 3mm surf glove rocks some serious insulation with a ThermoCarbon lining and a wind-resistant Texture Skin outer to fend off even the most adverse elements.

Xcel’s reputation for engineering the most innovative surfwear is only outdone by their unwavering dedication to advancing the sport by any means necessary. So, slip into some Xcel gear and feel your own surfing experience excel beyond anything you thought possible.

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