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Voile Ski Strap

Voile Ski Strap

About Voile

As an established winter recreation manufacturer since 1980, Voile prides itself on the fact that 98% of the gear is made in Salt Lake City, Utah surrounded by mountains that inspire the highest quality and making it a reality that has no peak in innovation and ambition.

To begin with, the Voile Wasatch Speed Project Skis that has earned its right as the first American-made Skimo ski that utilizes a tip-rocker and superlight construction that will have you flying like a banshee around the mountainside with an exceptional bit of class. And if you are looking to ascend to new heights, the Voile Universal Ski Crampons are sure to get you up up and away on those back country escapades you find yourself wandering into. The Voile Vector Skis offer a hybridized take with respect to rocker design and aides you in aspiring to vertical grabbing and pinpointed edging all stuffed into an award winning lightweight design fitting for the powder lovers out there. On the other foot though, there is the Viole Charger skis that takes the powder-ski concept to a whole new level with a slimmer design complete with a tapered tip and tail - rockered and complete with a traditional sidecut and camber underfoot to take on knee deep powder pushes and everything else a mountain might consider throwing in front of you while skiing down it.

More so, for those out there that have an affinity with heights and spending quality time in the clouds — the Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Telemark Bindings will sure do the trick. These simple and sturdy bindings that are compatible with nearly every telemark boot out on the market. With that, you can ascend to your hearts desire to tour the highlands and then cruise down through the lowlands with ease and an added sense of reliability. And as an added bit of convenience Voile offers heavy duty adhesives like the Anti-Ice Tape accessory to shield your toe piece from encroaching clumps of snow and ice that is compatible with all 3-Pin Telemark bindings.

When it comes to the splitboards, the Voile Women's Artisan Splitboard sure knows how to make a statement. Designed with a specialized width and dialed flex schematic, the Viole Artisan Splitboard is specifically tuned to adhere to fit women's anatomy — or, boot sizes, height and weight to be exact. Sorry guys, this flawless pinnacle in engineering is well out of your league. And with the rocker profile integrated into the composite design while the camber nestles itself underneath the bindings, the Viole Women's Artisan Splitboard boasts weightless floatation amongst the clouds of powder with an added proficiency for uphill touring. Plus, with an assortment of bindings like the Viole Light Rail Splitboard bindings available — you might want to take a breath before you check out the Voile Splitboard Climbing Skins! It is on!

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