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About Vissla

At the root of a discussion on whether surfing is a sport or more of an art, Vissla maintains that no matter what side of the argument you are on, there is beauty and creativity in and around the activity. Vissla clothing echoes these sentiments in every piece as each one is an expression of freedom. That freedom is best experienced out on the waves as each rider is only limited by his or her creativity when interacting with nature. In the end, Vissla is satisfied with the status quo in the surfing world, because they believe it would be lame if everyone was a competitive surfer or everyone was a freesurfer.

Relax and let it all flow with Vissla shirts. The Vissla Sequence Tee is a groovy collection of threads that is all about those sweet waves. It takes a special character to pull off the Vissla Edison Woven Shirt, but the button down, floral print, popable collar style is truly legendary if you can swing it. Then there are tops for any occasion like the Vissla Sandy Flannel Shirt. Classic and comfy, this suave slice of style is always a good choice. And never forget to deck out your lower half in some Vissla shorts. They design and produce a fantastic array of boardshorts like the Vissla Morsea Boardshorts. This pair is perfect for lounging on the beach, strolling down the boardwalk, or paddling out to get nutty in the swells. And if you don’t plan on getting in the water, Vissla No See Ums Walkshort is one of the many pairs of shorts that are great anywhere else the sun is shining.

Vissla concocts some legit accessories too. Take Vissla headwear like the Vissla White Water Hat for example. Not only does it look epic, but it actually repels water to protect your dome. And never forget to bring along the Vissla Papas Carry On Backpack. It has room for all your necessities, features a dedicated laptop pocket, rocks some vanishing straps, and keeps everything dry no matter how many rogue waves assault it.

Defined by surfing and developed through innovation, the creators at Vissla aren’t your standard SoCal surf co. By refusing to conform and focusing on the freedom that makes them unique, this brand has established a dedicated following of like-minded individuals. If you dig their style, get some. If not, you just go do you.

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