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About Venture

Founded by and operated by the husband and wife duo, Klemens and Lisa Banner have dedicated their handcrafting talents to the continuous development and innovation of Venture snowboards since its inception in 1999. Following the perfection of designs and burning of the midnight oil in the Denver metropolises, Venture decided to set up shop in the heart of some of the mightiest mountains for inspiration and application. At 9,318 feet above the sea, Venture Snowboards is now located amidst the San Juan Mountains in Silverton, Colorado and arguably some of the best mountains to ride in the continental US of A. Today, with continued success and progressive ambitions, Venture is on the verge of expanding its capabilities with the implementation of a new factory keen on maintaining and applying Venture's environmental ethic with the use of reclaimed, recycled and sustainable practices to ensure that those mountains of inspiration stay rideable for generations upon generations to come.

In achieving the best of what's around, you need look no further than the Venture Zephyr Split and Snowboard set. As a shining testament to an all mountain emphasis, the Venture Zephyr snowboard has earned itself a combination of accommodations from Future Snowboarding magazine as the "Most Valuable Product" as well as Backcountry Magazine's Editors' Choice award. No surprise there though, the Venture Zephyr Snowboard handles your attention deficit rabble rousing ventures anywhere on any terrain the mountain might throw in front of you. From the terrain park to the back county powder pushes, the Venture Zephyr Snowboard and Splitboard is designed to take it and dish a jib just for kicks.

As such, Venture continues to outdo itself with from scratch construction where every single snowboard and splitboard is labored with love, sheer skill, and high-quality engineering that happens to be an increasingly rare thing among the other, more bountiful, cookie-cutter manufacturers out there. And with Venture's Handmade FSC Core sustainably harvested for lightweight and sturdy strength while the Triaxial Fiberglass in every board gives you the extra edge in carving works of art down the mountainside - Venture takes things a step further by offering a two year warranty for every product it offers.

As one of the newest sets Venture snowboards offers, the Odin Split Snowboard is the glorious product of Venture's collaboration with the legendary rider, Johan Olofsson. With a nod to the Norse gods, the Venture Odin Snowboard offers a tweaked take on a free-riding emphasis aimed at smooth turns and enhanced floatation in tackling the most epic of slopes. More still, as Backcountry Magazine's Editors' Choice in 2010 and Snowboarder Magazine's "Best of Test," the Venture Storm Split Snowboard boasts the capabilities of crushing steep lines and having the agility to twist in and out of trees popping up in your way. With Venture Splitboards and Snowboards, the limits you might have had just reached a whole new peak.

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