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About Tubbs

Saving the earth one snowshoer at a time, Tubbs is the leading creator of versatile, lightweight snowshoes for everyone who has ever considered strolling, trekking, or mountaineering in the snow. Their patented crampon and binding systems have paved the way for simplified, yet enhanced performance. With a heritage built on technological innovation and market development, Tubbs has made it their personal mission to get people out there to experience the magic of snowshoeing.

Founded in 1906 by Walter F. Tubbs in Maine, this brand now calls the shadow of Mt. Rainier its home in Seattle, WA. While they may have moved across the country, their purpose remains the same as Walter’s vision from day one. That is why they continue to make snowshoes for all purposes and all people. Led by constant advancements and creativity, there is a reason that Tubbs snowshoes can be found on the feet of first timers, as well as the seasoned expeditionary in Antarctica.

With unbeatable value, the Tubbs Men’s Frontier Snowshoe features all the technology and goods you need to get out their on the trail. Designed with the intention of getting more people into snowshoeing, Tubbs crafted this set to make the activity accessible to all. Whether you are a seasoned blazer, or want to get your whole family out there for the first time, the Frontiers are a solid choice for some legit exploration. Tubbs wanted to knock down the barrier to entry for snowshoeing and they have done so with a pair that utilizes the 180 EZ bindings for super easy use and amazing comfort. These lightweight snow kicks come in a lady specific form known as the Tubbs Women’s Frontier Snowshoe, and they also work towards efficient strides, come loaded with the Recreational crampons, and all the bite necessary for rolling terrain. The Tubbs Frontier line is about getting people hooked on snowshoeing.

Engineered for those who don’t mess around, the Tubbs Flex Alp Snowshoe represents true innovation. With everything you need to tackle wicked backcountry conditions, this model is armed to the teeth with features and technology. Tubbs went all out on designing the Flex Alp as they equipped it with a flex tail that allows your foot to roll naturally. Superior torsion reacts naturally to the terrain so that you never sacrifice traction, even on icy treks. The unique construction of this snowshoe reduces stress and fatigue in your lower leg and the ActiveLift heel lift can be activated to devour steep ascents. With plenty of flotation in the fluffy stuff and an impressive amount of serrated traction rails, you are able to get where you are going and back without any issues. The Tubbs Flex Alp Snowshoe is what serious snowshoeing is all about.

Never straying from their path of true innovation and an undying passion for snowshoeing, Tubbs works tirelessly to keep you trudging forward on that snow-covered path of your own.

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