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Technological Advances In Travel Clothing

#1: Sun Protection

Today lots of outdoor clothing provides sun protection, denoted by a UPF rating. You may wonder what this means for you or if you could benefit from UPF-rated clothing. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is similar to SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, which applies to sun screens. UPF is a laboratory measurement of how effectively a fabric protects your skin from UV, ultraviolet, rays. The higher the rating, the better the protection. To give an idea of the UPF Rating scale: clothing rated UPF 15-24 is considered good (93.3-95.9% of UV radiation blocked), UPF 25-39 is considered very good (96.0-97.4% blocked), and UPF 40-50+ is considered excellent (97.5 - 99+% blocked).

All clothing provides some sun protection and medium to dark-skinned people may not need sun protective clothing to prevent sunburn. However, fair-skinned people may still get sunburned through regular clothing and, in truth, sun protective travel clothing decreases everyone's risk of sun damage and associated health risks.

Several factors contribute to a fabric's level of sun protection, in order of importance: weave, color, weight, stretch and wetness. Fabrics that are close knit, or dense, prevent more UV rays from penetrating the fabric than open-knit fabrics. The more dye in a fabric, the better the protection. Wet fabric does not protect as well as dry fabric, except for silk and viscose, which retain protective qualities when wet.

#2: Insect Repellent

Clothing and accessories, like bandanas, insect netting and hats that provide insect protection are treated with permethrin, which helps prevent insects from biting through clothing. You can also achieve the same effect by applying permethrin to your clothing. Insect repellent clothing is exceptionally important in areas where insects are exceptionally prevalent and areas where insects spread disease. In addition, permetherin is safe for humans and insect repellent clothing saves you from having to apply potentially harmful repellents to your skin.

Travel clothing has really come a long way. Clothes are now lighter weight, more packable, quick drying and provide more protection from harmful elements of the environment. If you're ready to upgrade your trek and travel clothing check out these links to our men's and women's trek and travel clothing categories:

Men's Travel Clothing Categories: Trek-Travel Shirts, Trek-Travel Pants, Trek-Travel Shorts

Women's Travel Clothing Categories: Trek-Travel Shirts, Trek-Travel Pants, Trek-Travel Shorts

Accessories: Bandanas, Summer Hats People travel for all different reasons. For some, it is obligatory given their line of work. Some people embrace those two weeks out of the year they can get away from their jobs and embrace a vacation. Then there are those globe trotters who are constantly on the go, exploring the vast reaches of the earth. No matter your style or frequency of getting away, everyone can agree that traveling demands a special kind of gear and apparel. There is nothing worse than being on the go and your bags or clothes letting you down when options aren’t exactly plentiful. Don’t get caught in a travel gear failure predicament. Avoid the hassle by only getting goods that are up to the challenge of enhancing your trip. The U.S. Outdoor store has the stuff to get you going strong.

Eagle Creek knows what it takes for a successful trip to happen. You need durable luggage that is going to withstand the rigorous shenanigans of airports. If you have any idea what goes on behind the scenes with your checked baggage, you know it’s pretty rough. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination only to find your bag is ruined and half your stuff is missing. Set yourself up with one of many rolling gear bags or the Eagle Creek Rolling Gear Bag and leave your worries on the tarmac. Got a lot of stuff or plan on bringing loads of souvenirs home? The Eagle Creek ORV Super Trunk 36 gives you tons of packing space but is easy to maneuver so you can fill it up and pilot it comfortably. Maybe you prefer to travel a little lighter. Lots of grab handles, storage areas, and beefy ruggedness highlight the rolling carry on worthy Eagle Creek Tarmac 22.

What you wear while traveling is a crucial component to any trip. It has got to be comfortable, functional and look good for all those first impressions you are bound to make. No one understands this better than companies like Ex Officio and Royal Robbins. Committed to fashioning clothing that is multipurpose, Ex Officio brings you shirts like the Geotrek’r. Way more durable than your standard button up, this quick drying shirt is wrinkle resistant, has a security pocket, and is ridiculously good looking. Royal Robbins packs a punch into pants like their Global Traveler Stretch Pant. Made from nylon and spandex, but with a cotton look and feel, these pants won’t wrinkle, as they are all about staying professional. Look the part and wear travel clothes that are going to make traveling that much better.

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