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Searching for where to buy a Terra Nova Tent? Check out our huge selection of Terra Nova 3 Season & 4 Season Tents. Save on all orders over $40 with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax Shipped within the Contiguous USA!

About Terra Nova

Terra Nova constructs the most innovative shelters for those who undertake expeditions fueled by adventure. Meaning ‘new ground’, Terra Nova is constantly breaking new ground by pioneering some of the most advanced tents on the face of the earth. Their incredibly reliable technical expertise in design and functionality has earned them a place as a respected industry leader that strives to continuously push the boundaries of the gear that makes our greatest pursuits a reality. Ignite your passion for the outdoors with tents from Terra Nova.

With beginnings that trace back to the 1980’s in Great Britain, Terra Nova has always sought to become the producer of the finest shelters that propel explorers and their expeditions to glory. The continual quest to develop the most advanced tents has led Terra Nova to record setting feats. They recently beat their own Guinness World Record for creating the lightest multiperson tent on the planet. With a minimum weight of 860g, the Terra Nova Laser Competition sets the bar high for other companies hoping to keep up.

When going it alone, know that the Terra Nova Laser Photon 1 Person Tent has got your back. Increased ventilation and a ridiculously small pack size make this tent the supreme solution for a minimalist. Unbelievably lightweight and stocked with sturdiness, the Laser Photon 1 is packed full of quality, but leaves plenty of room for you.

Displaying a remarkable design, the Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 Tent just so happens to be the lightest double-wall tent on the map. Set it up in a flash and break it down just as quickly to get going in a hurry. Great for adventure racing or for backpackers who like to keep things minimal, this shelter is a prime piece of weather deflecting excellence. The Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 Tent gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Looking to trim off extra weight, but still want plenty of room for you and your camping buddy? Check out the Terra Nova Laser Photon 2 Person Tent. Beyond light and unfathomably durable, the Laser Photon 2 takes camping to an all-new level of fun. Just stake it where you want it and never worry about getting rearranged due to rough winds. Super stable, supremely spacious, and prepped to guard against the nastiest weather, the Laser Photon 2 Person Tent from Terra Nova is a slice of slick equipment not to be missed when tackling an expedition with your partner in crime.

Whether it is spring, summer, or fall, the weather does not matter, because Terra Nova has developed multiple lines of 3 season tents to ignite our adventures. With models like the Solar Photon, Voyager, and Superlite Quasar tents, you have an arsenal of shelter options at your disposal. Never fret when night falls again as you will be fully equipped to handle the most adverse conditions while tucked cozily inside one of Terra Nova’s benchmark tents. Terra Nova: Built for extreme expeditions. Designed for epic adventures.

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