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Swix Glide Wax Liquid
$14.95 - $16.95

Swix Glide Wax Liquid
Swix F4-180 Glide Wax Solid
$14.95 - $29.95

Swix F4-180 Glide Wax Solid

About Swix

There is nothing worse than being a bit sluggish on the mountain. Sometimes contributors to this condition can be the likes of a rowdy outing the previous night, or even skipping breakfast. Most often you can chalk up the fact that you are dragging down the hill to a lack of wax on your skis or snowboard. A grabby ride is not a fun one, and Swix has dedicated themselves to providing you with the right wax to eliminate drag and deliver a smooth, effortless ride for every run. From years of experience in the industry, Swix has become the ultimate in ski/board maintenance products. Take care of your gear with Swix and you are guaranteed to have an exponentially better time on the bump.

Borje Gabrielsson had been cheering on his fellow Swedish countryman during a cross-country ski race back in 1937 when he first conceived the idea to experiment with wax for different conditions. While the Norwegians at the race may have scoffed and/or giggled at Borje, because they thought some conditions were simply unskiable, it was Borje who had the final, victorious laugh. He began implementing science to concoct different waxes that would give skiers a smooth ride, no matter what kind of snow they set out to conquer. Soon, Swix was born and they have continued to set an example as an industry leader by not only producing wax, but also poles, technical apparel, and other goods to tune your ride.

You know how every time you go to pick out some wax, you are able to figure out which kind you need based on what color it is? Well, you can thank Swix for that ingenious invention. They were the first to begin color-coding their waxes based on the type and intended conditions. Now, the entire industry has adopted the practice. When the spring sun is out and the snow is more like slush, apply the Swix CH10 Yellow Hydrocarbon Wax for a ride that won’t be constantly trying to buck you. If the temperatures are ferociously frigid, use the Swix CH7 Violet Wax to enhance your experience even when Jack Frost is doing some serious nipping.

No, Swix wax does not magically apply itself to your skis or snowboard, and that is why they also provide you with some quality irons for doing your gear up right. The Swix T-75 Wax Iron will lather the goods on real smooth. This is the perfect iron for first time do-it-your-selfers, or for tossing in your travel kit so you can whip it out on the go. For those who take their waxing super serious, check out the Swix Performance Waxing Iron 110v. This bad boy does not mess around when it comes to delivering a sleek wax job.

Keep tuned while on the go with the Swix Snowboard Active Kit. With all the goodies you need, and none that you can live without, this is the perfect tune up package for the shredders who like to rip hard and ensure their boards are constantly in tiptop shape. Of course Swix has the hardware to keep your gear steady when you are really going to town on the upkeep. The Swix ski and snowboard vices are fully adjustable and offer supreme stability so you can get work done with authority. Let Swix take care of the little, yet crucial things that make riding the most fun thing in the world.

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