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Surfing is a fantastic, fun sport; but before heading for the water, it is important to understand and learn the basics. Surfing culture that has its own rules and terminology. When you’re new to the surfing sport it can seem as though experienced surfers are speaking an entirely different language. There are various terms and phrases which are specifically related to the sport and understanding them is important when you begin.

Surfing is also an art. When you are watching the professionals surfing looks simple, but there are many basic concepts a surfer needs to understand before they venture out on their own. Typically, the best way to learn is through lessons. This can be done through a surf school or by asking a friend who is more experienced. If this is not an option, you can learn on your own, but be sure to choose the correct board and proper area for beginners to learn. Making these two decisions will affect the first surfing experience a great deal.

Surfing Terminology

Surfing Safety

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Surfing Culture


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