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There is nothing more powerful than experiencing nature’s raw prevailing influence in the form of a wave. With just a board under your feet, you harness that energy and navigate a thunderous swell with a precision and grace unheard of anywhere else in the athletic world. No other sport leaves as much room for creative outlets and inspiration as surfing. Given the unrefined ways of the ocean and the limitless imaginative spirit of a surfer, anything is possible. Get the surf gear from the U.S. Outdoor Store that will not only help you define yourself as a surfer, but will also open up new opportunities for waves of expression.

It just doesn’t get anymore authentic than Quiksilver. This surf lifestyle brand is renowned for producing high quality products that, if you hold your ear close enough, you can actually hear the ocean. By echoing life on the beach and delivering powerful gear to enhance any surf excursion, Quiksilver has established themselves as the go-to choice for top surfers across the globe. Just slide into any of their wetsuits, like the Quiksilver Cypher 5/4/3 Fullsuit Wetsuit or the Syncro 3/2 Flatlock Wetsuit, and you won’t be able to help but feel the quality. The Cypher series is fully hooded and features supremely flexible material that contours to your body’s natural movement and keeps you warm in cold water. With padded knees, a hydroshield water barrier, and 100% hyperstretch neoprene materials, the suits in the Syncro line pack top-of-the-line performance every time.

O’Neill knows what is necessary to come out on top when doing battle with the biggest barrels and wildest waves. Their DL 1.5mm Psycho Gloves don’t mess around with pathetic, feeble attempts at success, because they simply refuse to settle for nothing less than domination. Boasting impressive strength, thanks to 100% UltraFlex DS neoprene, and intense functionality through fluid seam welds and a great gripping patter, these gloves don’t mess around. The O’Neill Skins Psycho Split-toe 4/3 Boot is one beastly hunk of surf footwear. Sporting gnarly flexibility and durability, these board magnets provide a no-slip grip that locks you into the ride of your life.

Synonymous with surfing, Billabong has got beach gear dialed in like a champ. Born from the surf paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast, Billabong takes the grassroots movement of decades past and infuses it with tomorrow’s technology and innovation to bring you apparel like their highly functional boardshorts. The Billabong Flux and R U Serious boardshorts seek and destroy the heaviest curls and leave no piece of the sea unshredded. 4-way stretch treatment and bold durability make these shorts the ideal choice for any surfer looking to go bigger while staying comfortable and stylish.

What good is having all the right gear if you don’t know when to catch the waves? Nixon has got you coved on that front. Their Tide watches not only bring tons of style and flavor to the table, but they also rock amazing waterproofing and tide dials so you can keep track of when you need to be paddling out. Never sacrifice an ounce of quality by choosing Nixon Tide watches to make sure you manage your time for maximized surfing hours.

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