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About Suncloud Polarized Optics

Suncloud Polarized Optics makes a variety of sturdy polarized sunglasses for active people. Polarized lenses are especially important for athletes and adventurers, because they cut down on glare in a variety of outdoor situations. Polarized lenses selectively filter horizontally reflected light waves, preventing glare.

These glasses are especially useful for boating, fishing and other activities near water. Polarized lenses make it so that instead of seeing a shiny reflective surface when you look at a body of water, you are able to see rocks and other hazards beneath the surface of the water. They are also useful for many other activities, such as golf and driving. With polarized lenses, distracting sunrays at low angles produce less glare and widen your range of visibility.

To accommodate different lighting conditions and personal preferences, Suncloud Polarized Optics makes a variety of different lens tints. The brand’s polarized brown lenses, such as the lenses in the Suncloud Atlas Polarized Sunglasses and the Suncloud Star Polarized Sunglasses, eliminate glare, while allowing high contrast and accurate color transmissions.

Suncould Polarized Optics also makes more standard grey lenses, which allow the most accurate color transmissions, while eliminating glare and reducing brightness. Many of the brand’s glasses come in polarized grey, such as the Suncloud Speedtrap, the Suncloud Standby, the Suncloud Sequin and the Suncloud Wingman polarized glasses.

The brand also makes less traditional lens colors, such as blue and gold mirror lenses. The blue mirror lenses, which are an option for the Suncloud Voucher Polarized Sunglasses, eliminate glare and allow a true transmission of colors. The gold mirror lenses, which are an option for the Suncloud Conductor Polarized Sunglasses, eliminate glare, enhance contrast and accurately transmit colors.

All Suncloud Polarized lenses are made from high quality polycarbonate material for durability and impact resistance. The lenses are lightweight, making the glasses comfortable for long periods of time. They also come with UV filters to help protect your peepers from sun damage.

Besides top-quality polarized lenses, Suncloud Polarized Optics also designs top-quality frames in a variety of styles. All frames and lenses feature 8 base curvatures, so they wrap comfortably around the wearer’s face for ultimate protection. The brand offers sturdy metal alloy frames, such as the Suncloud Patrol Polarized Sunglasses and the Suncloud Aviator Polarized Sunglasses. They feature a spring hinge at the temples for a secure, custom fit. Most of the brand’s frames are made from Grilamid Nylon, which is flexible, durable and able to withstand a wide variety of conditions.

Suncloud Polarized Optics also makes a huge variety of frames to fit a range of personal styles. Their glasses range from sleek and sporty to oversized and fashionable. The brand offers rounder, more rectangular, smaller and larger frame options to fit a variety of face shapes. Last but not least, these top-quality glasses won’t cost you hundreds of dollars like other top of the line glasses. In fact, all of our Suncloud Polarized Optics glasses are well under a hundred dollars.

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