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About SVST

When warmth, comfort and top of the line performance is critical to your outdoor exploration, look no further than to the brand that the ones that climb Everest look to; Sun Valley Ski Tools. This innovative company is constantly on the edge of bringing warmth and comfort in extremely cold conditions, such as those found in the highest peaks of Nepal or Tibet. Producing every bit of tech from state of the art Sun Valley Alpine Ski Boots to SVST Intuition Rubber Sole Liners and Power Wraps, this company has got peak performance down to a science.

Supplying extreme adventurists who trek higher than 20,000 feet, the SVST Intuition Pro Tour Custom Liner traps in and keeps the critical in place, in even the most coldest of sub zero conditions. Warmth and comfort is key, but they don’t compensate on stiffness, so whether you’re going extreme or just cruising the groomers, SVST liners will support you in any downhill or climbing adventure. Topped off with super light weight materials that mimic the science of neoprene, SVST ski accessories might quickly become the most essential piece of gear in your bag. Their Intuition Power Wrap and Pro Tour Liners will ward off wet, snowy and extremely cold conditions, keeping all ten toes in place.

High Density Foam featured in the SVST Intuition Power Wrap liners give 3mm of extra stiffness within the foam and hold the heel better in place. A better held heel means you won’t lose any energy transmission and will yield a greater and more responsive feel. You’ll soon outperform the pros with a liner that is more responsive, is compact, lightweight yet super warm. Think of the Intuition as your sixth sense that will help you effortlessly glide on over to a higher level of skiing.

Made to last, SVST liners are made from Ultralon materials that can be re-molded up to three times, so you can take your liners with you, even if you change ski boot shells. Customization is at their forefront with their Thermo-Moldable materials and New Wrap Technologies, SVST liners are that type of tech you’ll be shouting about from the chairlift. You’ll tell anyone that’ll listen just how good your feet feel. You’ll laugh to those that say they have to stop riding because their feet are cold - they’ll be no excuses, you’ll have the warmest, most comfortable feet on the mountain.

Sun Valley Ski Tools are based in Idaho, in a land of backcountry exploration. Producing everything from top notch liners that are used by Mike Marolt as he explored the peaks of Everest, to crafting ski wax that finely tunes your ride to its upmost potential, SVST knows ski and snowboard and is the brand name you can trust to get you at your skiing at your highest potential. All while keeping you warm, comfy and happy. You won’t think twice about your feet when you’re in a pair of SVST Intuition Liners. Grab a pair of SVST Performance Products at US Outdoor this season.

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