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Spacecraft Lotus Beanie

Spacecraft Lotus Beanie

About Spacecraft

Spacecraft is composed of cultural legends. Spacecraft is what you see and what you get. Spacecraft is a visual experience fueled by propaganda and resourcefulness. Spacecraft is the return of Godzilla, uncooked ramen noodles, unparalleled cases of jet-lag, and storms that produce waves for epic surfing conditions while simultaneously dumping 20 inches of fresh powder on the mountain. The brand combines recurring thoughts, ideas and people to weave a story of progress that has yet to be written. The hats, clothing and accessories crafted by Spacecraft echo the love they pour into products and their desire to create while pushing limits.

As a vehicle for cultural and artistic interactions, Spacecraft began in 2002 and has been gaining momentum ever since. When Stefan Hofmann was inspired by a snowcat image, he began making stickers. What started as cut out paper with fun pictures and adhesive backings morphed into a company that now cranks out more than 200 new designs every cycle of the calendar. Don’t forget about those stickers though, because they are still out there reminding people of the collaborations happening around the world that make up the magic of Spacecraft.

Now, perhaps their best known products go on or around your head. Spacecraft’s wide range of beanies, gaiters, and masks decorate domes all over the globe. They aren’t just to make you look good either. Designed with intentional functionality, items like the Spacecraft Burtner Face Sock keep you warm and toasty when encounters with chilly weather are unavoidable. Pieces such as the Spacecraft Women’s Snuffle Pom Beanie exude a tasteful style that is all about that cozy feeling you get every time you pull it on. Taking refuge in the Spacecraft Thermostat Gaiter means no more frozen necks and you can burrow your nose down in there anytime you like. If it has to do with keeping your head warm, Spacecraft has got it on lockdown.

The shirts developed by Spacecraft are like a canvass with which they have the ability to showcase their art, except way more comfortable. What better way to show off sweet designs and creative pieces than by wearing them? A variety of styles and vibes means Spacecraft shirts have something lined up for everyone.

With the perfect touch to pull together any look, Spacecraft accessories do work to polish off your style. Classy combinations of leather and canvass team up with customized Spacecraft buckles to make belts that do more than just keep your pants from ending up around your ankles. Of course you need somewhere to stash your ID, plastic and cash too, so that is why Spacecraft also concocted some sweet wallets that you will take every opportunity to whip out.

Making it happen without excuses, Spacecraft focuses on orbiting and inhabiting their world of art by taking care of people and supporting a movement that is more than just a brand.

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