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SP™ Gadgets

SP™ Gadgets is a name synonymous with smart and versatile accessories for point-of-view (POV) still and video cameras. No matter what you, your friends or your family are doing, SP™ Gadgets has just the right photog equipment to capture the perfect shot all the time, every time. Solid construction, compact, easy to transport, and boasting secure connectivity to various GoPro® equipment keeps happy customers coming back time and time again. Quality, value, and hundreds upon hundreds of pleased customers, that is SP™ Gadgets.

Headquartered for the last year in Newport Beach, California but with global distribution in 65 countries, SP™ Gadgets the U.S. subsidiary of SP™ United, sells the most complete line of action camera accessories available in the world. Catch some serious action footage on the slopes, in- and underwater, and from incredibly interesting angles. SP™ Gadgets allows you to re-live your impressive moments, capture performances and never miss a single second. From storage cases to extension poles and any other accessory required, inventory is ready to ship straight to your door.

Every photographer whether amateur, semi-pro or professional, eventually discovers that keeping track of accessories can be a task. However, storage solutions such as the SP™ Gadgets POV Case 3.0 can make this task a challenge no more. Easily corral all your GoPro®-compatible electronics and accessories. Grab the camera, WIFI remote, battery packs, cables and more with minimal fuss when smartly stashed.

With all the support equipment options available on the market today, finding the best GoPro®-friendly monopole might seem a daunting task. Rest assured, SP™ Gadgets has you covered. Lightweight, portable, adjustable, and durable makes extension and remote poles like the POV Pole and the Remote Pole an easy addition to your line-up. Durable, dual-diameter EVA grips, extensions up to 36 or 39 inches (depending on model), direct remote attachment options, adjustable wrist straps, included carabiners, and compatibility with a wide array of HERO™ housings, SP™ Gadgets has thought of everything. Many accessories attach right to your GoPro® camera without any extra parts required. Snagging the ideal “selfie” or the award-winning point-of-view has never been easier.

Partnering with national and international pro-athletes and brand ambassadors, SP™ Gadgets draws upon videographer and production needs during product design and development to ensure electronics and accessories bearing its brand can stand up to the film-maker’s requirements whether a still shot from a cool vantage point or a perfect 360 degree pan such as the Swivel Arm Mount provides. Catching awesome footage in real time at any angle no matter the activity, SP™ Gadgets is that partner who makes you look good and your product look even better.

Film yourself landing that gnarly snowboard stunt. Catch yourself sticking the half-pipe landing. Capture your surfing techniques for critical analysis or to prove to your Facebook friends that you really dominated that wicked wave. Repeat your mind-blowing sky dive jump over and over again. Regardless of the particular activity, SP™ Gadgets has the equipment and electronics to make certain every shot is a great shot.

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