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Across the globe, people are turning to Soto to provide them with highly reliable camping cookware and lighting systems. As the producer of camp stoves, lanterns and more, Soto delivers the goods you need to have the most fun while camping. Soto cookware and lighting equipment is built with the user in mind from start to finish. From conception, through the design process, and ultimately the building stages, all Soto gear is composed with the intention of enhancing your experience in the outdoors.

About Soto USA Inc.

Based in Lebanon, Oregon, Soto is perfectly positioned just down the road from the Cascades. This enables them to viciously test every piece of equipment to get it pristinely dialed in for optimal performance before releasing anything to the public. The conditions of the Cascades are always changing and for Soto, there is no better place to put their stuff through the wringer, because if it can stand up there, it will thrive anywhere. No matter what you come up against when you are out there, you can be assured that Soto camping equipment has the mettle to hang tough.

When many people think of gas powered camp stoves, they conjure images of a dirty, soot-covered hunk of equipment that requires tedious preheating and then maintenance before and after you use it every time. However, the Soto Muka Stove is revolutionizing the way portable gasoline stoves are thought of. Easy to take care of, the Muka is the next big thing in camping. It features a powerful and reliable output of heat and includes everything you need to cook like a champ while secluded in nature. Team up the Muka Stove with a Soto Fuel Bottle, and you are in good shape for a successful adventure.

Just because the sun dips below the horizon when you are on the trail doesn’t mean you have to shut down activity for the night. With gear like the Soto OD-LRC Compact Refill Lantern, you are able to illuminate your space and enjoy some fun after dark. Lanterns like these are highly versatile and simple to operate. Get the right amount of light by easily clicking it on and adjusting the knob. A three-legged base offers improved stability and the economical fuel tank is refillable so that you can get loads of use out of it. Now, when you are camping and it gets dark, the good times are just beginning to roll thanks to Soto lighting systems.

Sparked by nature, Soto camping gear allows those with a passion for the outdoors to ignite their adventures. When you plan on spending some quality time with Mother Nature, bring along your Soto camping equipment to ensure that you have the best time possible.

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