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Skating. It is not just rolling around on a board with some wheels. You can’t chalk it up to ollies, kickflips, and grinds. It is more than that, and it is not for everyone. It is about freedom and creativity and an outlet for self-expression. Skaters have learned to look at the world through an entirely different lens, which enables them to see things and do things that others simply cannot. Skating is the way some people choose to live their life and define themselves as humans.

Thanks to the Van Doren brothers, you are able to lace up with all the gnarliness a skateboard can handle and shred the day away in a pair of Vans. Even though the guys got their start producing high quality skate shoes back in 1966, Vans still cranks out timeless models that do nothing but deliver good looks and massive amounts of performance. You want a classic that never fails to impress? Look no further than the Vans Authentic. This is their original lace-up with the signature waffle tread that has been dominating for decades. As the embodiment of stylish functionality the Vans Chukka Low Skate Shoe is the go-to choice for anyone wanting to boost their skate game to the next level, and look good doing it. Enhanced by a drop-in PU for bonus comfort in the soles, these premium suede kicks pack a flavor all their own.

There is no doubt that Dakine leads the way in extreme sport accessory specialization. Backed by their motto “Be Kind”, Dakine does nothing but favors for anyone who has ever stepped on a skateboard. Not so easy to hold all your things while attempting to carve through busy streets, is it? The Dakine Burnside Backpack is designed to relieve you of your burdens with a place to stash all your good and a stylish, comfortable way to haul them. This backpack boasts spaciousness, ruggedness and awesomeness. And once you roll up to your destination, strap your deck to the pack and know that it is ready to whip out at a moments notice like an arrow from a quiver.

Got a thirst for cruising? Hop on an Arbor skateboard for that quenching you desire. Longboards, minis, pintails and bamboo are just a taste of the various shred buffet items that Arbor dishes up for those that love to ride. You can carve up the whole neighborhood feeling good about supporting a company that is unparalleled in their dedication to supporting a healthy environment. Their green initiative is evident in each of their boards as they use only the most sustainable materials to build bombproof boards.

You need more for skating than just shoes and a board. By perfectly capturing the style of skate culture while infusing each piece of clothing with performance, Volcom outfits skaters in threads that refuse to quit. Born in the ‘90s and driven by the spirit of that rebellious decade, Volcom stacks their product lines with jackets, shirts, pants, shorts and more so you can pack your wardrobe full of flavor and style. Inject your clothes with a fresh dose of Volcom for a supreme taste of the skate lifestyle you won’t regret.

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