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Having trouble figuring out what shades are perfect for you? Here is a fully versed guide on how to choose the perfect sunglasses by lens tint and frame size.
Before you can choose the right ski there are a couple of things to consider. Of course, the first is experience, and the second is where you ski, and what type of snow usually falls there. There are four basic Alpine ski shapes, and these cover the different styles of Alpine skiing.
When it comes to choosing the right snowboard, there are many more factors to consider than how cool it looks. You need to understand a few things about snowboards in order to ensure that you are purchasing the right one for your needs.
When it comes to buying snowboard boots, there are a few things you need to know. Snowboarding boots are the one piece of equipment that can make or break your day, so knowing how to choose the right ones is of the utmost importance. Of course, fitment is a huge aspect of your selection process, but it most certainly is not the only thing you have to consider.
Are you going on a day hike or a single overnighter, or are you going into the back country for a week? If it is a day trip, you can get by on a very small back pack - even a single overnighter does not require much, maybe 30 - 50 liters of storage.
You'll need the appropriate gear to ensure safety and keep your excursion enjoyable. Continue reading for tips on choosing the right backpack whether you are hiking for a day or taking a week-long trip.
The world of trekking outdoors can be an exciting place for anyone but it can be scary without the right tools on hand. Case in point: the backpack. If you are an experienced outdoorsman, you know that this can be one of the most important tools you ever have with you because it carries everything you need.
Shoe Fit Guide Whenever you shop for shoes, be sure to keep several major footwear issues in mind. First of all, your choice of shoes should completely satisfy certain essential qualities and selection criteria to insure a happy, healthy fit. Before purchasing a new pair of shoes, whether for running, biking, hiking, walking or other outdoor activities and casual wear, ask yourself three questions: • Are the shoes a perfect, comfortable fit? • Do these shoes look attractive and serve a specific purpose, desire or need? • Are these shoes for sale at the best possible price to be found? If the shoes you want to buy can honestly meet all three questions with a definite "Yes," you are definitely good to go, so buy and enhance your outdoor ...
Backpackers and hikers need to be able to carry all of their supplies at all times. Packing for a hike requires detailed planning. You want your bag to hold all of the essentials while remaining as light as possible. Packing too lightly and leaving out an emergency necessity can be just dangerous as packing too heavily and risking a shoulder or back injury. This article gives tips for properly fitting a backpack and then packing it safely and efficiently.
Winter sports are a great way to enjoy the outdoors during cold weather. There is a wide variety of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, climbing and ice skating. Because of extreme temperatures and fast speeds involved in many winter sports, snow sports present serious safety hazards. Our guide to winter sport safety provides information on how to properly dress for winter sports and how to avoid injury.
With cold weather comes an abundance of fun winter activities for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, winter also brings several safety hazards for which parents should prepare. Parents who read up on cold weather emergencies will have an easier time ensuring their children's warmth, safety, happiness and health. For example, parents should know how to prevent and respond to falls due to icy sidewalks and tripping hazards beneath snow.
Skiers and snowboarders perform daring tricks and compete in risky events. They often have fascinating, tumultuous careers during which they recover from serious injuries to compete again. These famous skiers and snowboarders spend vast amounts of time training to their greatest ability. Many of them begin training and very young ages. The sports attract fans from all around the world because of the intriguing personalities and stories.
Gliding through the glistening snow on a pair of skis while surrounded by the beauty of nature is one of the incredible perks of cross country skiing. It is necessary to be outside and moving your body in order to participate in this sport so you automatically benefit from both fresh air and exercise.
Camping allows you to maximize your time spent outdoors and experience nature. It also makes it possible to spend extended periods of time in locations that do not have modern amenities. Camping can be extremely fun, but it requires the right food and equipment to stay safe and comfortable. It is important to know how to choose a campsite and then pack properly before you head out into the wilderness.
Cold temperatures do not mean you have to stay indoors! In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts look forward to winter because of all of its sporting and adventuring options. Fun winter sports include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, sledding and ice skating. These sports can be quite safe, although they do come with risks associated with extreme temperatures and fast speeds. Before taking up a new winter sport, it is important to learn how to do it safely.
Many people love hiking for a variety of reasons. It provides an excellent workout, gives the experience of spending time in nature, is inexpensive or free, and is available all year. Although hiking is fairly straightforward, new hikers should read up on how to stay safe while hiking. An understanding of how to stay hydrated, choose safe trails, avoid injuries and perform basic first aid is essential.
Climbing is an incredibly fun sport, and it provides an extensive workout. One great way for beginners to get started in the sport is through bouldering, which short-distance climbing without a rope. Beginners should know the basics before getting started, including which equipment to buy, how to find bouldering locations and how to stay safe while climbing or bouldering. This guide will help you get started in the sport, while having fun and building up strength and technique.
For hundreds of years, Antarctica has been the ultimate destination for some of the world's most famous explorers. Each of their stories is fascinating and unique. Some reached the South Pole by a combination of boat and trekking, while others were the first to fly or take a vehicle to this remote location. Many explorers who make it to Antarctica have rich histories of exploring other locations, such as Captain James Cook's journeys to Easter Island and Tahiti.
Surfing is an extremely fun sport, and novice surfers will have the most fun trying it when they already understand the basics. Surfers have their own terminology, which is difficult to understand without a little preparation. The sport also has its own rules and etiquette. A basic understanding of ocean wave patterns and the mechanics behind surfing can also be the difference between a fun first ride and a scary day spent tumbling in the waves.
The sandal ¨C one of the first types of shoes ever created ¨C is as useful today as it was thousands of years ago. In fact, the oldest pair of sandals was found in Oregon and is estimated to be over 9000 years old. Sandals protect the bottoms of the feet while preventing overheating in hot weather. They do not weigh you down, and they are extremely comfortable. Furthermore, they have a fascinating history and interesting cultural relevance around the world.
Cave exploration is very common as a hobby both internationally and in the United States. There are two main terms for the activity: caving and spelunking. In general, the primary difference between the two is the person's motive behind exploring the cave.
Unlike skiers, they propel themselves down the snow-covered slopes without poles or other assisting devices. The boarder's stance and balance are key in allowing them to move forward and change direction.
Among the slew of sports that people enjoy in winter, snowboarding is one that has made a name for itself ever since it evolved during the second half of the 20th century. Initially, this unique sport came about in a primitive form during the 1920s. Back then, it was limited to males who would use planks ripped from barrels to serve as the board.
The Iditarod, officially known as “The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race,” takes place in Alaska each year. Racers must travel through some of the harshest conditions on Earth while competing against each other to make the best time. Temperatures may vary by over 100 degrees, and the race is extremely famous because of the expertise required to compete. Read more about the race's history, route, competitors, winners, awards and controversies.
Squaw Valley is located in Olympic Valley, California. It is in close-proximity to Lake Tahoe's North Shore. There are a number of factors that make Squaw Valley a special place to ski, ranging from the number of cloudless days to the resorts focus on safety.
When divers use scuba sets as a way to dive underwater, it is referred to as scuba diving. Earlier diving relied on the diver holding their breath or on air being pumped from above the surface but now divers use their own breathing gas which is usually compressed air. This allows them to stay below the water much longer than they would be able to by simply holding their breath. Scuba divers usually move around under the water with swim fins that are attached to their feet. However, a propulsion vehicle for divers can be used as well.
The decision of what to wear on a night hike as well as what clothing items to pack depends upon the season. For hiking in the cold weather, it's a good idea to dress in layers. A shirt made of polypropylene as a first layer helps to keep moisture away from the body.
Fifty-nine areas in the U.S. are protected and designated as National Parks and can be found throughout 27 different states. California and Alaska are home to the greatest number of them. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska is the largest National Park in the U.S. spanning more than 8 million acres.
Kids love to play outdoors, and they can do it during any season. Outdoor games are often healthy and active, and they are a great way for children to socialize in groups. Adults can even join in. Kids can choose from many games, most of which require little to no equipment. We have put together an extensive list of outdoor games. There is something for just about everyone!
The Donner-Reed wagon party had around 20 wagons traveling from Missouri to Oregon along the Oregon trail. The party is known for its arduous journey, during which they faced snowstorms, fights with Native American tribes and severe food shortages. Their fascinating story is full of struggle, deaths and even cannibalism ¨C although some of the party members survived to tell their tale.
Summer camps provide relief and fun for parents and children. They keep energetic kids occupied with healthy activities during summer break and provide valuable social and sporting experiences. Unfortunately, summer camps can also have safety hazards. Parents should be aware of what to look for in a safe summer camp, know how to help children pack for camp and provide children with safety advice before they leave for camp.
During the summer months, water skiers are a common sight at most beaches, rivers, and lakes across the country. This popular recreational activity, in which a person is pulled across a body of water by a motorboat, is suitable for adults or youth, men or women, and people with disabilities.
An earthquake is a frightening natural occurrence that is caused by a release of energy due to movement of the earth's crust. This energy release causes the earth to move, sometimes violently. As a result, this can cause considerable damage to property and may result in human injury.
One of the worst disasters that humankind can face is the zombie apocalypse. This is a nightmare scenario where the infected turn on the healthy. In order to survive this nightmare and save the human race, you need to be prepared. In addition to the ability to fight off the infected, you will need to be prepared to survive in the wilderness and to stay on the move to avoid detection. These steps will help you and possibly your loved ones survive the horror of flesh eating monsters. This survival guide will help you prepare to face many people's worst nightmare.
There are several different types of wetsuits, so when you are looking for a wetsuit for surfing, be sure to specify a surf wetsuit. It will be different than a dive wetsuit or a drysuit. The right type of wetsuit that fits well will keep you warmer, safer and more comfortable in the water.
The first step to choosing the proper ski binding is to determine how wide your skis are and what your DIN setting is. The DIN setting of your skis refers to the release force setting. If you aren't sure what this setting is, it will be necessary to ask a professional. It is essential to know what this value is before selecting your bindings.
The bindings provide the conduit of communication between you and your board. When the bindings fit both your body and your board properly, you will experience a smooth, responsive ride that will provide the best snowboarding experience.
While rain gear has the specific task of keeping you dry when it is wet outside, not every rain suit provides the same level of protection under the same set of circumstances. This guide is designed to help you choose the right rain gear for your particular needs. By analyzing your specific needs, you can ensure that you choose the right gear.
There are few things more important to the success of your ski experience than your ski boots. Your boots are the communication hub between your body and your skis. In addition, they are what keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable while you spend hours out on the slopes, making finding the right boots an integral part of the skiing process.

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