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About Ray Ban

As the creators of potentially the most popular sunglasses of all-time, Ray-Ban maintains a firm grasp as the frontrunner of the industry through a history of quality and style. They promise to hold their position through timeless creations and an unrelenting innovative approach to eyewear. As they take worldwide popularity in stride, Ray-Ban continuously cranks out shades that the competition loves to imitate, but can never duplicate.

The founder of Ray-Ban, Lester Belisario, originally got his start by creating sunglasses for the U.S. military. They wanted sunglasses that would not only perform at unprecedented levels of protection, but would also look sleek and stylish. So, beginning in 1937, the Air Force used Ray-Ban’s first Aviators to navigate the skies. The shades earned an iconic status after photos were taken of General Douglas MacArthur strolling onto a beach in the Philippines during WWII in a pair of Aviators. Later, the sweet combination of style and functionality that Ray-Ban was producing could not be contained and the brand blew up during the ‘80s. Every movie star, rock star, and superstar of every kind was seen wearing Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses. Today, the story is still the same, as everyone wants to get their peepers behind a pair of shades from Ray-Ban.

Being a pop culture legend is far from the only reason Ray-Ban is a household name. It is their dedication to quality achieved through technology that keeps them on top. Their legacy of authenticity is maintained by using only the best materials to guarantee lightweight sunglasses that are rugged enough to stand up to all sorts of abuse over their extended lifetime.

Featuring a timeless design, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses are your ticket to some old-school class. The suave combination of acetate bands, a metal frame, and lenses that have been hardened through an advanced chemical process all add up to a retro style that never runs out of flavor. The Cats POLAR 5000 Sunglasses are a more modern take on excellence. With super light frames and polarized lenses backing up a unique look, these things are as legit as they come. Nothing beats the clarity and retro awesomeness of the Ray-Ban Signet Sunglasses. Dashing shiny metallic frames, uninterrupted vision of natural colors, and supreme protection make the Signet second to none. Whether you choose to rock the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, or the more updated New Wayfarer Sunglasses, it’s impossible to lose. The contemporary models have a mildly smaller and more rounded frame, but either way you go, the Wayfarer is an absolute beast when it comes to elite performance and unparalleled style.

Ray-Ban is forever entrenched as an icon in the eyewear world. With a style that never fades, they continue to obliterate boundaries and set new standards thanks to uncompromising dedication to materials and the process by which they sculpt their shades. A future as bright as the sun would be expected, but it’s already shaded by a pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban.

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