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About Rainbow Sandals

Crafted by hand and created with care, Rainbow Sandals are the epitome of precision. No longer will inferior sandals lay broken and abandoned upon our beaches as Rainbow pours durability into every pair. By establishing a reputation of quality and comfort, this brand has developed into a trusted source of phenomenal footwear for customers everywhere.

Over 35 years ago, Jay Longley, Jr. was strolling down his favorite beach when he came across yet another busted sandal left to wither in the sun. That was when the idea struck him; why not build a better sandal? So began the research and experimentation. Once Jay had finally concocted a sandal that was comfortable, infinitely durable, and second to none, he was finally ready to unleash it upon the world. Grown by word of mouth, Rainbow Sandals has continually been converting people through proof of product. Longley doesn’t just want you to walk a mile in his shoes, he wants you to enjoy all your miles in his sandals.

With plenty of flip and zero flop, the Rainbow Premier Leather Single Layer Sandal is a well known favorite in their lineup. If the sun is out, these babies should be on your feet. Handmade and stuffed with luxury, there will be no parting with these sandals after a single season as they are built to last. Not only are they supremely durable, but they exude comfort too. They quickly mold to your feet so you are locked into a personalized fit that you just won’t be able to get enough of. After slipping on the Premier Leather Single Layer Sandal, there will be no going back to your old pair.

It doesn’t get anymore down to earth than the Rainbow Hemp Single Layer Eco Sandal. These humble toe huggers are composed of 100% natural hemp fibers and are triple glued for intense longevity. Rainbow’s custom Trac Bottom sole will give you plenty of traction and a generous arch delivers loads of support. The Fish Strap Design stops your foot from slipping and sliding around so you feel more intertwined with your footwear. By using environmentally sustainable materials, Rainbow gives you the footwear necessary to roam the planet and simultaneously feel good about saving it.

Rainbow’s sweet stash of sandals is widely available and recommended for both genders. If you are a man and happen to be a huge fan of flip flops that won’t alert you every time you step on a rock or uneven patch of ground, check out the Classic Rubber Single Layer Sandals. A thick sole and anatomical arch support keep you crazy comfortable even if you find yourself stomping through a quarry. As far as feminine feet go, Rainbow also has models such as the Premier Leather Single Layer Sandal and the Hemp Single Layer Sandal available with narrow straps. This means less fabric and less weight, but much more elegance, so it’s hard not to win with the women’s Rainbow sandals. In fact, it is nearly scientifically impossible for anybody to lose when sliding their toes into a pair Rainbows.

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