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  1. Who makes backpacks with a sleeping bag attachment?
  2. Who are the experts on backpacking and camping at US Outdoor?
  3. Whose dogs am I seeing on the camping and backpacking floor of US Outdoor?
  4. Who should invest in an outdoor backpack?
  5. Who is the backpack kid?
  6. Who invented the backpack?
  7. Who needs a 70 litre backpack?
  8. Who needs a 50 litre backpack?
  9. Who needs a 30 litre backpack?
  10. Who is Dick Kelty?
  11. Who is Greg Lowe?
  12. Who's been selling backpacks since 1957?
  13. Who coined the term backpack?
  14. Who is qualified to fit me in a backpack?

Who makes backpacks with a sleeping bag attachment?

Overnight packs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however all backpacks designated as "overnight" with a 40 Liter capacity feature a designated internal compartment for sleeping bags. Popular brands on the US Outdoor webstore such as Osprey or Arc'teryx are quite accommodating for multi-day adventures, and have ample space for your sleeping bag and other essentials.

When packing your gear, try to avoid stowing your sleeping bag on the exterior of your pack. Moisture saturation is a real threat to comfort when you settle down for the evening, and the last thing that you want at the end of a long day is a damp sleeping bag.

All overnight backpacks 40L and up ave internal compartment separators designed to create a compartment for sleeping bags. It is not recommended to put you sleeping bag on the outside of your back pack due to te risk of moisture saturation.

Who are the experts on backpacking and camping at US Outdoor?

Take a quick trip downstairs to our camping department to be greeted by any one of our in-house camping experts! They will guide you through not only the essentials that you need for a rewarding experience in the outdoors, but can also provide you with valuable insight and information into backpacking and camping spots in the Portland area. Expect excellent service with an air of perfectionism as you are outfitted with the gear that you need to excel in the wilderness.

All staff members in our camping department is well versed in fitment, versatility, and features of our back pack selection.

Whose dogs am I seeing on the camping and backpacking floor of US Outdoor?

Our lovely shop dogs are a wonderful addition to our shop that truly help make the US Outdoor Store feel like home. Whether you're a fan of adorable curly haired dogs, larger companions or compact muscle-bound dogs (looking at you, Frank), you can get your shopping and petting in inside our accommodating store. We (dogs included) thank you for visiting us!

Brodus AKA old man Brody. A gray pitbull ~13 years old belongs to our department manager.

Frank, AKA frank the tank, AKA Frank from its always sunny in Philadelphia is a French bully, belonging to our shop tech

Who should invest in an outdoor backpack?

Finding the correct backpack for your adventure is a more prudent question. If you are an outdoor enthusiast you will inevitably need a backpack at some point. Selecting the wrong backpack could be the difference between an enjoyable weekend out, or freezing your butt off in a water logged sleeping bag.

While a regular pack might do the job for commuting to work or heading off to school, a bag specifically built to thrive in the outdoors will aleviate mental stress while doing wonders for your body. Sheer volume aside, backpacking bags or smaller outdoor oriented backpacks frequently include valuable features that will enhance your experience while protecting your gear. Ventilated back panels, waterproof materials and gravity-centering hip belts are just some of the handy features that set these bags apart from standard day-to-day bags. By setting yourself up with a reliable pack that is designed to function in the outdoors, you'll be giving yourself not only comfort and convenience, but lasting piece of mind.

Who is the backpack kid?

Russell Horning had his 15 minutes by dancing backup for Katy Perry during an SNL performance. He gave us the dance move called "flossing". My son and everyone at his school would like to thank Russell.

Who invented the backpack?

Dick Kelty, developed the aluminum frame backpack and was therefore partly responsible for encouraging more people to get out and explore the wilderness. Kelty himself was a hiker and interested to explore places but at that time the best backpacks available were army rucksacks which are very heavy and uncomfortable to carry.

Kelty got the idea for his backpack in 1951 when he and a friend were hiking in the Sierra Nevada. He noticed that his friend had inserted the wooden supports of his rucksack into his trouser pockets, transferring much of the weight on to his hips, an innovation which enabled him to stand up straight and move with greater comfort. When he arrived home, Kelty began making backpacks in his kitchen out of nylon and lightweight aluminum tubing, adding padded shoulder straps and waist-straps to transfer much of the weight to the hips.

Who needs a 70 litre backpack?

Backpacks this large are designed for long term camping in generally cold climates. Insulated clothing often adds bulk to your equipment load, and requires a backpack that will accommodate the bulk.

Who needs a 50 litre backpack?

50 liter backpacks are the gold standard, they have enough room to accommodate for a 5 day trip if packed appropriately, and minimize the desire to bring extra equipment.

Who needs a 30 litre backpack?

30 liter backpacks offer storage space for a small summer weight sleeping bag, stove, camel back and a few freeze dried meals, with external straps for a tent these are perfect as a day bag, overnighter or long weekend trip.

Who is Dick Kelty?

Dick Kelty in 1952 invented the backpack that is also known as packsack, pack, rucksack and knapsack.

Who is Greg Lowe?

A noted mountain climber; Lowe established Lowe Alpine in his workshed in Colorado in 1967. In addition to backpacking gear Lowe is a pioneer in rock climbing hardware, developing some of the first cam-lever protection devices. Greg Lowe's 1972 Lowe Alpine Systems Expedition: a fabric box with interior aluminum stays (inspired by earlier internal-frame packs from Europe), a chest strap, an adjustable harness, compression straps, and, most important, a high-and-tight fit.

Who's been selling backpacks since 1957?

The website with two thumbs. U.S. Outdoor store, we began selling U.S. military issue equipment ranging from old rations to backpacks.

Who coined the term backpack?

The word backpack was coined in the United States in the 1910s. Moneybag and packsack were used prior, and now occur mainly as regionalisms.

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