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U.S. Outdoor’s Best Value - Price Match Guarantee

We understand that even though we provide the best knowledge, experience and service, occasionally price might be an issue. We are here to ensure you get the best overall value possible. For these special occasions, we have a price matching policy.

Price Match Policy

It's our goal to provide you with the best possible price and price match to similar competitors. Due to economic, industry, and online regulatory challenges, we are unable to guarantee price matching for all merchandise at this time.

Fundamental Guidelines For Price Match

  • Same season / model year
  • Same color
  • Same size
  • Same condition
  • In stock
  • May not be combined with other offers, deals, special purchases, closeouts or coupons
  • Authorized / Licensed retail dealer in the U.S.
  • Same SKU

All price matches are subject to U.S. Outdoor Staff Verification

Items may not be for resale and are limited to 1 per customer.

Sorry, we cannot match third party sites such as Amazon and eBay, as they are not in and of themselves licensed dealers. So, if the listing is by an authorized dealer, the item must be at the same price. Club, drop ship partner, rebate, and cash back affiliate purchases do not apply.

Club, drop ship partner, rebate and cash back affiliate purchases do not apply.

Ordering online?

Email, chat, or call 503-223-5937 to discuss price matching online and we can help you place your order.

Visiting our Portland Store?

Just ask one of our great staff, they will check out the details and make sure you get the best value we can provide.


U.S. Outdoor and our amazing staff work hard to make sure the accuracy of our listing and pricing is competitive. Even so, we are all human, errors may occur. If an item, price, or description is incorrect, please contact us. We will gladly do the best we can to ensure the best service possible or refund your order. Give us a call at 503-223-5937.

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