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About POW

POW stands for Prisoner of Winter and that is because these guys have been taken captive by the epic elements and landscapes that make those colder months their favorite season of the year. In order to flourish during the winter, you need gloves that are going to fuel your adventures and passions. POW gloves are crafted with fabrics that ooze coziness and have the grit to withstand a wide variety of conditions.

Materializing from the deep powder stashes of the mountains in the Pacific Northwest, the idea for the POW brand first emerged on a road trip to Stevens Pass ski resort in Washington in 1997. Later, in 2002, Dustin Goss founded the company and quickly began developing function-focused gloves. Originally Dustin tested sales and marketability out of the trunk of his car in resort parking lots across the NW. By 2008 POW was distributing in 30+ countries across the world and driving a brand culture that resonates into tomorrow.

Committing to the use of only premium leather to max out dexterity and amp up durability makes the POW Leather Collection a true force with which to combat nature’s most fierce elements. POW has chosen to use locally sourced goat and deer hide in order to be more environmentally friendly since cows have a much larger carbon footprint. Packed with a super durable Gore-Tex insert, a glorious micro-fleece lining, and all the waterproofing and durability your paws can handle, the POW Stealth Glove GTX leads a pack of some pretty epic pieces of hand wear.

The Women’s Collection has been specifically designed to cater towards the unique and specific shapes and features of feminine hands. Peak performance in more than just a pretty package is the goal when POW tailors fit, features, and purposeful qualities into gloves like the Women’s Feva GTX Glove. A highly durable Gore-Tex insert, micro-fleece lining, premium waterproof goatskin leather, 3M Thinsulate insulation, and an Ultra Magic closure system make the Women’s Feva almost too hot to handle.

POW takes functional hand wear to another level with gloves in their Utility Collection. This line incorporates bold ideas that let you multitask while doing your thing outdoors. Utility focused shells and techy liners have been developed specifically for those who find themselves outside year-round. The POW Photog Glove is a prime example with its convertible fingers that allow for easy touch screen camera or phone operation. Stocked with a backhand zip pocket and a neoprene cuff, this hand-hugger is just one of the many reasons POW is a leader of the industry.

Born from a love of involvement in the outdoors, POW has firmly grasped the concept of creating no-nonsense gloves. Function-focused and inspired by innovation, these hunks of hand wear are essential for those taken prisoner by winter.

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