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Got a little adventure in your life? If not, it is never too late to enjoy the wonder and bliss of the Poler Napsack Wearable Bag, that much is for sure. Although you might find yourself with the added side effect of wandering around aimlessly — randomly testing out places in the world to nap. In any case, Poler has you covered with a variety of stuff to cushion your travels, adventures, couch surfing endeavors as you surf, skateboard, snowboard, bike, camp and/or enjoy the simple things the world has to offer. Located in Portland, Oregon, Poler offers a variety of gear that ranges from bags, to camping gear, to apparel and headwear to keep you on your way in comfort and action.

About Poler

Poler understands that not everyone is after the threat of life in climbing to the tops of mountains, because there are plenty of ways to seek, find and embrace the endless adventures life has to offer. In that vein, however, Poler offers products that aid those who venture in jeans, and sneakers. In that, Poler does not skip on the added pleasure of products like the Napsack Wearable Bag for your camping adventures. Fabricated with a synthetic soft microfiber material and leather tabs, the Poler Napsack gives you the ability to cozily embrace the day or night comfortably down to the 50 degree range. With its cushy construction, The Napsack gives you the comfort of a sleeping bag, with the added satisfaction of having a few opening to poke your head arms and legs through with ease and versatility to take on everything from those fall where you may music festival experiences, surprise couch vacations, or overnight stints out in the wild with the Poler One Man Tent.

Speaking of the Poler One Man Tent, you can take on nature by day and slumber by night in a spacious 32" x 85"x 40" expanse. And if you're a seasoned roamer of the Northwest wildernesses, you'll be glad the Poler One Man Tent comes with taped and sealed seems and 3000mm waterproof coating. Even then, you still have the option of drifting off to dreamland after a long day's trek with the eye shaped top window. Weighing in at 5.5 pounds, you'll have plenty of room and energy left over in your Poler Backpack for the uplifting goodies that make a trip out into the sticks seem like a breeze. With the Poler Duffaluffagus pack on your side too, that 54 liters of carrying capacity has near endless possibilities. Constructed with 1000D Campdura body fabric and lines with 420D Nylon, The Duffaluffagus pack gives you the dimensions to get down to business wherever that might take you with a 26.5"x 9"x 14" interior capacity. Even then, Poler takes things a step further and gives you a variety of apparel, accessories, T-shirts, and Hoodies like the Furry Font Pollover to choose from. The choice, and always the hardest part, is up to you. In any case, you can be sure that any and every Poler product is created with care and of the world's highest standard.

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