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Pitons were invented due to the curiosity and exploratory nature of mankind. Not to be denied by any summit, climbers developed pitons for use in Direct Aid Climbing and mountaineering. It was the European Alps that first inspired early climbers to craft the tools necessary to reach their peaks. The massive span of mountains that stretches from Switzerland, through Italy, and into Austria is home to a series of extraordinary summits that sparked the imagination of those climbers and drove them to discover new ways to reach the top.

About Pika

The first pegs, or pitons, used to scale the famous Dolomites in the Alps date back to the 1850s. In fact, it was a pair of students from Innsbruck who were the first to summit Campanile Basso di Brenta, which is located near Trento, Italy. Karl Berger and his buddy Otto Ampferer utilized pitons to scale some seriously difficult portions of the spire that had terrified earlier climbers.

Soon, many mountaineers began carrying their own pitons. The lead climber would hammer a piton into a crevice, tie a piece of short rope to it and then around the lead rope. This would act as a safety device that would allow all climbers in the party to successfully navigate up past the crack and then the last member would untie the short rope and keep on progressing up the route.

Over the years, pitons evolved to become stronger and more adaptable to different challenges. While they may have started out looking like a railroad spike, they developed into different shapes like the Z-piton. Better and better materials were used to forge pitons and before long, phenomenal companies had established themselves as reliable providers of extremely impressive pitons.

Today, Pika is the creator of superior pieces of climbing gear that enable modern athletes to make their way to the top of even the most dreaded summits. Pika climbing protection devices are crafted with the utmost durability and functionality in mind. Climbers of all skill levels praise the Pika Z-Piton across the globe as an amazing tool that gets the job done in a variety of circumstances. No matter what kind of wide features, weird slots or irregular gaps you come across, the Pika Z-Piton can be put to use on its own or along with other pins to propel you past those tricky spots. Their z-shape delivers four sturdy points of contact and many will agree that they are the toughest, most durable form of Z out there. Crafted from powder-coated, hardened 4130 CrMo steel, this hunk of Pika climbing protection is the end of your search for the most trustworthy Z-piton in the world.

When your ascent calls for Z-pitons, put your faith in Pika to provide all the climbing protection you will need.

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