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About Pieps

The backcountry is a region that is isolated, far from the safety of civilization. It is a place where you are fully dependant on your skills and those of your team. Pieps backcountry gear is available to make this experience as safe as possible. Piep’s product range covers the clothing that keeps you warm and dry, the backpacks that become part of you as well as the safety equipment that keeps you alive. In the mountains the Piep’s transceivers, probes and shovels save lives.

There are several ways of preventing an avalanche such as using explosives at ski resorts; nevertheless, there are times regardless of the care taken that a party encounters a snow slide whether you are skiing, snowboarding or climbing. This is when having the right equipment is imperative. Rescue is about locating and digging out the persons buried in an avalanche when hiking or backpacking. Beacons also known as “beepers” or peeps (pipes); these transceivers are crucial to rescue. All members of team should have a transceiver that emits a beep via a radio signal. The Pieps DSP Avalanche Rescue Transceiver is one of the first patented three-antenna transceiver with integrated mark and scan functions for rescuing buried companions quickly.

Dogs are great for avalanche rescue due to their keen sense of smell even through the snow. The Pieps TX Dog Transmitter is ideal for keeping them safe, and locating them without taking the search team off track for finding buried members of your team.

These beacons or mini transmitters are there to help pin point a life. Yet, it does not make sense to carry this equipment with you if it is not operational. This is why the Pieps Checker is an important addition to your avalanche kit. The Checker is used to make sure your beacons are transmitting properly. The Checker is easy to use, and is part of safety protocol when venturing beyond controlled areas.

It is also crucial to know how to use avalanche probes in a rescue operation. The transceivers provide information on the proximity of the body under solidified snow; whereas, the probe is important in pin pointing the body. The Pieps iProbe One is an electronic probe with an optical and acoustic target indicator for standard transceivers. This probe has an integrated receiver in the tip.
Life is too precious to lose to accident. When venturing into the outbound regions of great beauty, be safe and equip the team with Pieps. This is a matter of life and death.

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