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About Partners West

Partners West is situated near Seattle, Washington. Their location puts them in close proximity to a special breed of creatives. They are able to work with all kinds of writers to put their exceptional work in the hands of many. Where might you expect to find books from Partners West? A library would be an obvious answer. As would a bookshelf. Don’t be surprised if you locate some Partners West books in a classroom or adorning a coffee table. It would not be a shocker if one of their outdoor guides was discovered riding around in a backpack only to be whipped out with astonishing frequency for reference and direction. You also get bonus points if you selected on the top of a toilet tank for light reading purposes.

Curious what kind of published goodness Partners West unleashes? Take this one for example. What happens when you spend 25 years hunting waterfalls? You become an expert on over 600 of them and then write a book. Partners West Waterfall Lover’s Guide: Pacific Northwest has details on 634 waterfalls scattered throughout Idaho, Oregon and Washington. This book is also loaded with another 700+ in the index. Thanks to publication by Partners West, now readers can choose a waterfall to hunt down based on type, access ease, best season, scenic rating, height, and more. So, whether you enjoy a good punchbowl waterfall, love the horsetail variety, can’t get enough of those plunges, or are a sucker for the classic tiered types, the Partners West Waterfall Lover’s Guide: Pacific Northwest is an absolute necessity for any waterfall enthusiast. And this is just one of the many books from Partners West that is a must have for outdoor lovers.

Whether you are referencing a Partners West outdoor guide, perusing a graphic novel, or reading one of their children’s books to one of your little ones, let the knowledge and entertainment flow freely. The people at Partners West have a passion for literature and they prove it with every book that they publish. Dig into some knowledge, enjoy some entertainment, and allow your eyeballs to dissect a fantastical arrangement of the members of the alphabet, but most importantly, just read.

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