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About Outdoor Tech

Bring some supreme tunes on your date with Mother Nature with the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Boombox. This awesome hunk of technology is just as tough as the animal it was named after as it delivers hours upon hours of wireless performance that pumps out your favorite jams while traveling. Dust, shock and weatherproof, this musical hero utilizes Bluetooth to produce amazing sound quality from up to 10 yards away from your mp3 player, phone, or laptop. So anytime you are down for a good time, make sure this beast is in tow. You can even use the Outdoor Tech Turtle Claw Handlebar Mount to put it front and center on your bike so that everyone knows where the party is. You could even trick a bunch of kids and play ice cream truck music as you pedal down the street.

Maybe you like to keep your music to yourself. That’s groovy too, because Outdoor Tech headphones let you rock the beat discreetly. For example, the Outdoor Tech DJ Slim Wireless Headphones use Bluetooth technology to let you experience your tunes without a bunch of wires trying throw off your groove. Premium sound pumps through your personal ear speakers so that you can enjoy music the way it was meant to be. Or maybe you would rather something a little more compact like the Outdoor Tech Tags Wireless Earbuds. Same quality. Awesome tunes. Smaller package. You can even use the Outdoor Tech Adapt 3.5mm Converter to turn your current set of headphones into a wireless pair for go anywhere, do anything functionality.

The elements of style, design, and creation are what keep the blood pumping through the veins of Outdoor Tech. Based in Los Angeles, they have set their aim on developing goods that serve the needs of real people. Instead of defining themselves by the space they are confined in, they draw upon it to inspire and spark that next great idea. Outdoor Tech is focused on helping you get away from it all without having to sacrifice anything by flawlessly combining all the aspects of your life you love so that you never have to give up any part of what makes you as rad as you are. So, strip away those chains, go forth, and never be held back while you play.

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