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About Ortovox

Backcountry gear from Ortovox puts athletes in touch with nature so they can make the most informed decisions and stay safe out there. There is no equal for Ortovox mountain products as they set themselves apart with a dedication to people, quality and functionality.

Premium Ortovox backcountry gear is the result of collaboration between industry leaders, athletes, dedicated employees and enthusiastic customers. Every person that makes up the brand is a developer and avid user of their equipment. Authenticity runs rampant throughout the company as the company is fully committed to mountain sports and they continually keep themselves in the middle of the action. Enjoying safe encounters with the mountain is the primary focus every time. Ortovox not only hears what the mountains have to say, but they also speak their language.

Gerald Kampel didn’t start by developing successful mountaineering products. Everything began when he created precise measurement tools for railway construction underground in 1976. It wasn’t until the 1980s that he pioneered the original double frequency transceiver for avalanche rescues. It only took a couple years for the F2 to become the most popular transceiver on the market. Throughout the decade, Kampel added products to the Ortovox arsenal to enhance the backcountry experience, and the company also went international with branches springing up in both Europe and the US. As a testament to the quality of Ortovox products, some of the gear from the 80s is still in use today.

So much of the innovation that Ortovox has facilitated over the years has led here: the Ortovox 3+ Scanner. This three-antenna device automatically uses the most optimal position and accurately guides you to the victim of an avalanche. Highly accurate positioning information allows the search party to limit their probe area and make a rescue quicker. Night search mode and a seriously intense amount of durability make the Ortovox 3+ Scanner the ideal rescue partner. It even comes in the Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Package, which includes the scanner, a probe, and shovel, or basically everything you need to save a buried buddy.

From avalanche transceivers and backpacks, to probes and shovels, Ortovox is passionate about surviving and thriving in the outdoors. By listening to and respecting the mountain, Ortovox gives mountaineers the greatest chance to survive, and when you have peace of mind like that, it makes it far easier to enjoy your adventure. Go with bravery. Go with appreciation. Go with Ortovox.

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