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From humble beginnings in the South Shore region of Massachusetts in 2011, OOFOS® brand footwear has quickly spread to over 400 stores in the United States with absolutely no indication of slowing down production. OOFOS® flip flops and clogs are designed to “jumpstart the recovery process” by providing tired, swollen or painful feet unparalleled impact absorption and superior arch support.

Feet are the very foundation that supports everything above them. It only makes sense that by improving alignment and lessening stress on shins, knees, hips and legs that the body will be better prepared to recharge, refuel, and recuperate. Made with Oofoam™ technology, a closed cell foam material, and with a patented foot bed design, OOFOS® orthotic sandals and flip flops absorb 37% more body impact than traditional sandals and clogs. By dispersing that impact to the sides of the shoes, less energy is expended , the muscles and joints in the knees, ankles and lower back are better supported, and the body well on the way to recovery. New technology permeates every other aspect of our lives, why not for our feet?

Tired feet and legs result from a myriad of reasons: having fun, playing hard, lifting, running, working out, a long work day or any of a whole host of lower extremity situations, diseases or disorders affecting the legs, ankles, and feet. Regardless the cause of that fatigue, OOFOS® shoes massage the foot and assist in the transport of nutrients necessary for inflammation-reducing tissue repair. Proper rest in the recovery period is often when improvements happen and are a must in order that the body can adapt to the stress it had endured during the day. For athletes of all levels, OOFOS® shoes such as the OOFOS Ooriginal Thong Women’s or the OOFOS Ooriginal Thong for men are the perfect “next step” to creating smiling feet. Smiling feet go to the workout stronger and better equipped to conquer the next goal. Perfect for pregnant women, those suffering from planar fasciitis and other tendon issues, broken or fallen arches, or those needing a welcome respite from workday heels and long days on the go.

Slip on any pair of OOFOS® Men’s Footwear or OOFOS® Women’s Sandals and go about the rest of your day. Feel the difference of insanely comfortable steps. Say goodbye to traditional footwear. Throw a pair in your gym bag for instant comfort after a workout. Leave a pair at work under your desk for a quick foot massage during break or to wear for a lunchtime walk. Casual colors or traditional black, OOFOS® are lightweight, durable, and machine washable and perfect for the beach or a day of shopping.

OOFOS® is driven by a mission to empower people to live a healthy and well life, dedicated to facilitating an active lifestyle, and believes that “less pain equates to more gain.” Make OOFOS® the next step on your wellness journey. Join the Smile Team and “feel the OO™.”

The “last step is the most important…take it in a pair of OOFOS®.”

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