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About One Ball Jay

Matt Cummins help start Northwest Snowboards and One Ball Jay around the same time in 1988. Matt has over twenty-five years on snow, and his winters are spent watching the storms come in and go out. Matt knows snow. One of the things that Matt has experience about is the importance of snowboard wax and surf wax. He started making wax in 1986 with friends creating the best in order to experience the best ride that nature can offer without the resistance of nature’s surface against the board.

The range of One Ball Jay products for the snow riding industry range from different waxes to tuning tools. The One Ball Jay Lady Fingers is a great all round all temperature rub-on or hot wax that is easy to use. This wax is cost effective and allows you to glide like the wind while snowboarding. On the other hand, the One Ball Jay Shape Shifter Wax is another all temperature rub-on or hot wax, but comes in the shape of a cupcake and smells like one as well, sweet cake for making waxing that little bit more fun. If this is not enough then lavished your board with the One Ball Jay Black Magic Graphite Bar for that dirty snow that slows it all up. The Black Magic is exactly that, an enchanted wax that sends you down the mountain at great speed. One Ball Jay has it all.

The One Ball Jay Ski Wax is available in various series. The Boom Carpet series is gravity infused as a race wax, whereas the Bio Green series is 100 percent sustainable and are naturally occurring waxes that contain a newly organic element for that extra speed in all conditions. The X-Wax series is the fastest wax and is used for moving at speed in any snow condition. This wax is fortified with fluorinated paraffin. As already mentioned the Shape Shifter series provides a range of shapes and smells that make waxing fun. The list of the wax series continues because One Ball Jay knows how to provide the right wax for the right job.

One Jay Ball also provides tuning tools; one of the best sellers is the One Ball Jay Diamond Stone that is available for coarse as well as fine-tuning for deburring and sharpening your edges. A large selection of tuning tools is available for your specific preference.

One Jay Ball knows what is needed for the variety of snow conditions and types of weather a mountain throws at you. The Eskimos have a many words for snow since snow comes in so many states; One Ball Jay has the wax for every one of these types of snow.

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