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Looking for where to buy new NOW Snowboard bindings? We have a great selection of bindings by NOW in stock here at the US Outdoor Store. Save with No Sales Tax & Free Shipping on all Burton orders over $40 shipped within the contiguous USA!

NOW Snowboarding

Already renowned for their signature NOW snowboard bindings, NOW snowboarding was started in a garage in 2004. The brainchild of former Wildcat and professional snowboarder, JF Pelchat, NOW Snowboarding specializes in bindings, a unique amalgam of flexible plastic inspired by skateboarding trucks. In less than 10 years, Mr. Pelchat has created a global brand, which is proudly endorsed by elite riders like Jeremy Jones, Frank April and Devun Walsh.

Pelchat, an accomplished snowboarder in his own right, had worked closely with various snowboarding outfits and intensely cultivated his knack for creative design. A veteran of Craig Kelly’s World snowboard camp and international riding champ, Mr. Pelchat has actually been tinkering with bindings since 1990. It’s little wonder that NOW Snowboarding accessories and bindings have stunned the snowboarding world. Once he realized the huge potential inherent in re-thinking the classic binding, Pelchat went to work on a prototype. After being initially rejected by other potential suitors, Pelchat had the YES snowboarding team over to his garage for an impromptu presentation. Impressed by the potential of this new binding, they tried it out the next morning, and the rest is history. Shortly thereafter, Pelchat and YES would pair with Nidecker Snowboarding to launch the product immediately.

Now IPO bindings and NOW Snowboard bindings offer unprecedented maneuverability and maximize comfort and performance. Endowed with the free-wheeling turning radius of a skateboard, NOW IPO Bindings rely on its signature Hanger mechanism to respond to your feet as you ride. While most classical bindings force your weight to the middle of the snowboard, NOW Snowboarding Bindings transfers that pressure to the edges, thereby alleviating the stress of constantly cranking your feet to maintain your edge.

According to professional rider, Devun Walsh, NOW IPO bindings feel like a “Ferrari.” European rider, Romain De Marchi, claims that NOW snowboarding bindings are “the most comfortable binding he ever rode.” Aside from the opinions of these experts, NOW snowboarding employs a worldwide brigade of snowboarders who test out new products on a daily basis. Through every type of terrain and on every style of rider, NOW snowboarding bindings are rigorously challenged to ensure that your product is as effective as possible.

After only ten years in the biz, NOW Snowboarding retains the creative vision and innovative spirit which allowed it to revolutionize the industry. NOW Snowboarding Accessories and Bindings are blessed with the spirit of its creator, and you can bet that JF Pelcher has personally approved of each and every product they offer.

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