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Just because the sun goes down doesnít mean your fun has to end. In fact, there are those that believe the most fun is actually had once the moon is in the sky. Nite Ize is the company that conceptualizes, designs, and builds all kinds of products that enhance your camping experience during dark time. This is the brand that produces some of the most innovative lighting hardware, accessories and toys on the market. As Nite Ize strives to solve common issues faced after dusk, they are dedicated to keeping performance and quality at the core of everything they do.

About Nite Ize

Founded over 20 years ago based on a foundation of creativity, Nite Ize holds fast to their commitment to innovation at every turn. They go toe-to-toe with common issues and craft fun and functional solutions. Not only do they pride themselves on their unique products, but they always follow through on everything they say they will do as a business. With a passion for their creations, customer happiness, their employees and the environment, Nite Ize has built a brand that never fails to amaze. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, this company continues to thrill their fans with all kinds of awe-inspiring inventions.

Ignite the night with some sweet toys like the Nite Ize Flashflight Flying Disc. This fresh take on the classic performs like a champ since a world-class Ultimate player designed it. Crafted from extremely durable and lightweight materials, the Flashflight has a knack for balance and straight, long flight. It performs so well that you will even reach for it when the sun is up, but its true powers are revealed at night when it lights up with LEDís and a fiber-optic array. The batteries have no trouble keeping it lit for 100,000 hours of playtime, and with a nice touch of water-resistance, there is no limit on where you can toss it.

With fun products that arenít just for you, this brand is committed to sharing the good times with everyone. The Nite Ize Meteorlight K-9 Dog Ball lets you keep the fetch going after dark with this super tough, water-resistant, rubber ball that lights up to peak the interest of your pup. So, go ahead and toss it in the yard or park or wherever you want to draw an amused crowd. Now, there is no reason not to get your best bud all the exercise he deserves even at night.

Nite Ize lighting systems and products let you have even more fun at night than you ever thought possible. Whether you are enjoying Nite Ize camping gear or you are just having fun around the neighborhood, Nite Ize has got the stuff to keep the good times rolling long after the sun has called it a day.

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