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About Nikita

Nikita is a clothing brand created by the ladies and destined to always remain all about the ladies. Snowboarder and designer Heida Birgisdottir created Nikita especially for girls that ride. Founded in and based out of Iceland, their flagship store is located in Reykjavik, but Heida’s designs and products can be found in over 30 countries across the globe. What began in a small, unsuspecting skate and streetwear store in 2000 between Birgisdottir and a few friends has come full circle as they continue to define fashionable performance clothing for females that like to get after it and hold nothing back.

Birgisdottir has been snowboarding since 1995. She even co-owned a snowboard shop way back when. So every day after she closed up, she would go get some turns in. Whether she was giving a free lesson to someone who bought one of their boards, or hiking the backcountry with some friends, Heida’s life has always revolved around riding.

Heida not only founded Nikita, but she remains as the heart and soul behind everything they create. Her passion is a driving force that you can’t help but notice woven into each piece. She classifies herself as a snowboarder first and foremost, but it is her love of the sport that got her into making clothes. Her streetwear and outerwear is so dialed and in tune with what Heida knows works and looks good that no one is able to argue with the fantastical fashionable functionality that Nikita never fails to deliver.

Pairing up a Nikita women’s shirt like the Dazed Top with a pair of Nikita women’s pants such as the Ellen Turning Point makes putting together a killer outfit super easy. The Dazed Top is loose fitting, yet flattering with a pair of ties and a snazzy pattern that is sure to turn some heads, and those Ellen Turning Point Pants will get you some second looks as well.

When it comes to things with a dash of elegance, there is no better selection than Nikita dresses and skirts. The Nikita Choice Dress makes looking good a thing of ease. With its playful style and colors that really pop, little numbers like these are always a prime pick. Between the dresses and Nikita Swimsuits, summer never stood a chance. A plethora of bikinis like the Nikki, Intense and Pantha crave nothing more than a chance to show off on the beach or at the lake. With Nikita in your wardrobe no season is safe.

Nikita is the essence of everything that Heida Birgisdottir believes in and loves. Her passion for snowboarding, other board sports and stylish creativity drives this brand to be everything a girl who is serious about fun and fashion could ever need.

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