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About Nemo

Nemo Tents were the first product line and reflected the patented AirSupported® Technology. These Tents employed this new technology that used pressurized air as part of its structure. This new age inflatable structure offered lightweight shelters for the backcountry. The advantages of AirSupported® Technology as compared to traditional poles are multi fold. The structures are faster and easier to setup, have a greater strength, better wind resistance and are easy to repair in the field. In addition, Nemo tents have a great ability to bend without breaking and pack much smaller than the traditional tent.

Nemo began with tents, Nemo Sleeping Pads and pillows and established their place with the simple philosophy to not bring anything to market that is not significantly better than what is already available. Nemo owns every design detail and is proud of the camping gear they create. After years of development and over 300 design revisions, Nemo hit it right with the Nemo Sleeping Bags.

A great example of Nemo technology is the Nemo Nocturne 30F Sleeping Bag. This bag strikes a great compromise between performance and camping comfort. The Nocturne, made with goose down, has a Spoon™ Shape that allows for plenty of room for knees to bend and move around during the night. There is also plenty of room for sitting up comfortably in a cross-legged position. This bag is waterproof and breathable. The Insotect FlowGates™ stop the downward movement of insulation thereby guaranteeing the uniform distribution of down. This is an example of Nemo technology working to prevent the cold spots that interrupt good backcountry sleeping. The Blanket Fold™, a tucked in pillow pocket, is great for that extra clothing to be stuffed into sleeve and makes for a pillow on the go. Nemo is there to make your experience the best it can be in all conditions.

Your camping comfort continues with the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower. This shower can sit on the ground and spray with the pressure you need to get all the soap out of your hair. Unlike gravity fed showers that offer a ridiculous spray, the Helio is a shower you can depend on. This package includes an eleven-liter portable tank and seven foot neoprene hose with a great spay nozzle as well as pump. A handy carrying case is provided. The Helio is easy to use, warm your water in the sun and enjoy a good seven minutes of steady water.

Nemo is there for you along with the Nemo Ambassadors such as Mayan Smith-Gobat, Mark Smiley and Camilo Lopez as well as other professional adventurers. These trusted friends test and provide feedback that makes the next generation of Nemo products even better. Nemo will never rest; there is always room for improvement.

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