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Nalgene Jars
Nalgene Jars
$1.99 - $7.99

About Nalgene

Nalgene creates all kinds of reusable containers in order to help people make their lives easier while also respecting Mother Earth. To collaborate with your personal preferences, Nalgene utilizes a wide variety of materials to make a broad range of products that sync perfectly with your lifestyle. Getting the job done and maintaining an eco-friendly approach is the primary focus at Nalgene. So, whether you need an indestructible bottle for containing your precious, hydrating liquids while taking on a perilous backcountry adventure, or you just want a clean and green way to store your cereal and pasta, Nalgene has got you covered.

Some wonder how Nalgene camping accessories, bottles and containers became so popular. Their ascension to the top of the industry began in 1949 when a chemist from New York named Emanuel Goldberg created the original plastic pipette holder. He and three other hardworking men formed the Nalge Company in Rochester. Years passed and with them came the development and production of many polyethylene laboratory equipment pieces. Not necessarily the kind of stuff you would find in your pack while trekking. The change in direction began after a few of the scientists started taking the smaller bottles out on hikes and using them to hold water on their excursions.

During the 1970’s, this innovative use caught the attention of the company president and since then, Nalgene has transformed into an authority on durable camping equipment.
The poster child for amazing Nalgene products is certainly the Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle. You have undoubtedly seen this bombproof beast around town and on the trails. Engineered from incredibly tough materials and able to withstand the most extreme temperatures and conditions, the Tritan is resistant to all sorts of abuse. It wont get stained or retain odors and is dishwasher safe. This classic is a staple for everything from extreme adventuring to hydrating you during a 3-hour lecture.

By remaining ridiculously durable, Nalgene products can be used time and time again, which has nothing but a positive effect on the environment. The Nalgene High Density Polyurethane Bottle is perfect for your essential liquids on the trail and Nalgene jars make storing a plethora of goods super simple. Between the two, you will have everything you need to stay hydrated and energized while on the go. Even your pooch will be well taken care of with the Nalgene Bottle Dog Kit. It is loaded with all the essentials to ensure Fido makes it through the same excursions that you do.

Their commitment to engineering only the best gear makes Nalgene a positive force for propelling your adventures and protecting our planet. Resistant to life’s abuse, necessary for living, Nalgene produces the highly durable containers you need for every encounter.

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