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About MyPakage

MyPakage has decided that the time has come to change your underwear. Cast aside your crusty, classless pair of sadness and embrace a new revolution in the unmentionables department. It all began with a business philosophy that would soon alter the underpants game. The dudes at MyPakage decided to go out and establish a fresh benchmark and make the best undies for guys on the entire planet. While they do have to compete with the classic stylings of the man thong, they are unmatched in the comfort and functionality department. It is their goal to not only get you to change your underwear, but to also change the way men talk and think about their dainties.

By focusing on advanced construction techniques and fabric technology, MyPakage have built underwear that they truly believe to be unparalleled in support, comfort, fit, and style. Underwear is the first thing you put on each morning, and if you put on the right pair, they make you feel great and set you up for a fun, successful day. MyPakage has found that by sharing their stories of good times, they are creating the same opportunities for others to have fun and join their style of living. The MyPakage crew creates events, sponsors extreme athletes in sports such as snowboarding, skiing, biking and surfing, and they also stay involved with local communities.

So what all does Lucky Bums actually make? First and foremost, they craft all kinds of amazing ski gear. Since the idea for the company began on a ski trip, it only makes sense that they have got this part of their product line absolutely dialed in. From pint-sized skis and snowboards, to helmets and training tools, to sleds and snowshoes, Lucky Bums ski accessories are all about bringing the smiles. But Lucky Bums know how to have fun in the sun too. They also make all kinds of camping and fishing gear along with skim boards, stand up paddle boards, and more. Thanks to Lucky Bums, now your kids can have just as much fun as you.

One wearer of MyPakage described his experience with their underwear as such, “My junk is incredibly comfortable right now, it’s like an angel (a hot female who’s dad owns a brewery) is cupping my package.” If that doesn’t paint quite the delightful mental image, perhaps a more technical breakdown will clarify. The MyPakage Weekday Brief is lightweight, super breathable, has a comfortable amount of stretch, and offers plenty of support. Taking things to a whole new level of awesome down under, the MyPakage Weekend Briefs are crafted from premium modal, feature a silk waistband, and rock some serious durability so you can go hard from 5 pm on Friday till whenever you determine an appropriate bedtime is on Sunday.

Sometimes crazy comfort is necessary in more places than just manland. That is why MyPakage pants have got the baselayer situation on lockdown. MyPakage men’s pants like the Weekday First Layer are a full-length model with all the same comfort and performance as the short shorts, but are designed to keep you flying high in cold conditions.

MyPakage is centered around products that drive their vision. They will stop at nothing to produce the very best dude undies for both sport and leisure. MyPakage just wants to get out there and have a good time. They want you to do the same. Change the game, but start by changing your underwear. Care about what you wear by suiting up with MyPakage.

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