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About Mr. Zogs Surf Gear

In the early ‘70s, Mr. Zog was posted up in a little surf shop based in Goleta, CA. It was in this shop that Zog busied himself shaping surfboards. Next door a chemist by the name of Nate Skinner was doing some chemistry stuff. The two started talking and decided that given Nate’s prowess with chemicals and Zog’s surfing hobby, they should team up to create a unique, performance wax specifically designed for surfboards. The next year was filled with trial and error, prototypes and throwaways, but eventually they dialed in a formula that lived up to their expectations.

Zog loaded up their newly developed Sex Wax and set out on a sales road trip down the coast of California. Given the suggestive name and lack of track record, most retailers refused to carry the product. But a few were brave enough to give it a go and that was all that it took to spark the flame that turned into a wildfire. Word of mouth praise spread quickly and after just a few short years, surfers had shops from the East Coast to Japan begging for a shipment of Zog’s Sex Wax.

So, why Sex Wax? Mr. Zog’s product is specifically formulated to coat surfboard decks for the ultimate traction and response. Sex Wax comes in a few different types, including Quick Humps, and each one comes in a variety of aromatic fragrances and can be had to handle varying surf conditions.

Sure, but, why Sex Wax? Why such an absurd name? Just for that reason actually. It grabs your attention, plus it sounds phonetically cool. Back when Zog and Nate were still perfecting batches, Zog asked an artist buddy to design a label. Hank Pitcher came up with a logo and the name, and Zog loved it. Using the name Sex Wax has generated some goofy misunderstandings and a never-ending supply of great stories. While some are offended, others understand that Zog just knows that the world needs every bit of humor it can get.

Mr. Zogs has also gotten into creating other surf accessories, and he has even developed a Mr. Zogs car freshener. If you love the smell of a good wax job, then why not put it in your car too? So just hang up a Mr. Zogs car freshener instead of resorting to rubbing Sex Wax all over your dashboard.

It is the fun and quirky humor that inspires Mr. Zogs to keep on creating elite surf gear. His love for the sport and passion for good times have fueled the brand from the beginning, and promises to do so for a long time to come. So, rub some Sex Wax on and get out there to do what you also love.

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