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Mountaineers Books

Mountaineers Books

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Mountaineers Books publishes all the best guides for recreation and an outdoor lifestyle, including climbing, hiking and mountaineering books. The publisher offers books that are fun to read for entertainment, as well as informational and reference guide selections. Topics include climbing, safety, fitness, history, conservation, travel, winter sports and more. Whether you want advice to improve your technique for a particular activity, need to find some exciting new locations or want to learn about a particular aspect of safety in the wild, Mountaineers Books has a complete selection.

Mountaineers Books

Many of the publisher's books focus on safety during extreme sports and in precarious locations. Mountaineers Books makes guides to safety for climbing, backpacking, snowy conditions and water sports. One of the brand's most useful safety books is “Mountaineering First Aid: Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care.” Anyone who enjoys mountain activities can benefit from learning wilderness first aid, and the book has the potential to save lives. Mountaineers Books also writes safety books for avalanches and other dangerous situations in the wild.

Mountaineers Books also makes technical guides to a variety of activities. For example, some books offer rock climbing tips while others provide fitness training advice. There are books to help with navigational skills, cooking on the trail, dealing with bears and protecting the wilderness that you adventure in. No matter what your interest or favorite activity, if it involves mountaineering, there is a Mountaineers Books book that will be useful. Extra information never hurts, and informative guides can be interesting and inspiring to read as well.

Sometimes even the most experienced adventurers could use some guidance, and trail guides are always useful when you travel. Mountaineers Books publishes guides to help you find new trails, climbs and ski runs. For example, Oregonians and travelers in Oregon can find an abundance of information in the book “Best Groomed Cross-Country Ski Trails in Oregon.” The brand publishes other guides for different areas of the country and different activities. Based out of Washington, many Mountaineers Books focus on the Pacific Northwest and popular sports in that region such as skiing and snowshoeing. They also publish books about other parts of the country, and many technical and reference guides are useful anywhere.

Mountaineers Books is a nonprofit inspired by a love of wilderness and nature. The books inspire people to be healthy and take care of the environment as well. They aim to make your experiences on the trail as pleasant and safe as possible, no matter what your interest is. Furthermore, the publisher has won multiple awards, so you know Mountaineers Books provide accurate, interesting and helpful information. With an emphasis on conservation, you can feel good about supporting this brand.

Information also leads to more confidence and fun in the outdoors. Most of the books' information, such as rugged cooking tips and avalanche safety information, is timeless. Mountaineers Books books are useful for years and make great gifts to yourself or others.

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