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"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The Great Affair is to move" - Robert Louis Stephenson. Mosley Tribes holds this philosophy, as well. When you buy Mosley Tribes at US Outdoor you'll get Free Shipping & No Sales Tax on all orders above $40 shipped within the contiguous USA!

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses

Mosely Tribes makes sporty, stylish sunglasses that are perfect for adventuring. Made by the founder of the upscale sunglasses brand Oliver Peoples, Mosley Tribes produces top-quality glasses that do not sacrifice style for practicality. They are functional, fashionable, and sturdy. The brand produces their own take on classic sunglass styles, and many of their items have a timeless quality.

Mosley Tribes produces glasses with different amounts of tint for different light conditions. For example, the Mosley Tribes Becker Sunglasses come with a lighter blue color that fades to clear at the bottom of the lenses. The Mosley Tribes Enforcer Sunglasses also fade from blue to clear. Some of their glasses, such as the Mosley Tribes Hensley Sunglasses come with darker lenses to help your eyes cope with very bright conditions.

It’s incredibly important to protect your eyes while exploring, so this brand makes an effort to use lenses with UV protection. The Mosley Tribes Bensen Sunglasses have sturdy plastic frames and mineral glass frames. These lenses offer complete UV protection, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s effects on your peepers.

Polarization is essential when the light conditions outside produce glare. Polarized lenses are especially handy for boating and other activities near water, which often reflects a large amount of light. When looking at shiny, reflective water, polarized lenses will help you see whether there are any scary jagged rocks beneath the surface. They also reduce light-related distractions during other activities, such as golfing and driving. Polarized lenses increase your visibility, in turn preventing eyestrain from squinting.

To combat glare, Mosley Tribes produces some polarized glasses with a protective lens coating. The Mosley Tribes Aviatrix Sunglasses are polarized and have an oleophobic coating to prevent dust buildup, fingerprints, oil smears and water stains. The Mosely Tribes Crane Sunglasses are also polarized, as are their Hillyard Sunglasses.

Mosley Tribes creates many glasses with sturdy plastic frames, such as the Lyndel Sunglasses and the Mosley Tribes Merchant Sunglasses. Both of these glasses come with stylish brown tortoise shell frames and tinted brown lenses. They are incredibly stylish and have classic shapes that will stay fashionable forever.

If you’re somebody who likes thinner metal frames and the comfort of glasses with nose pads, check out one of the brand’s many sunglass styles with thinner metal frames. The Raynes Sunglasses and Hagen glasses both come with stylish gold-colored frames and multiple lens color options.

When you purchase Mosley Tribes sunglasses through U.S. Outdoor Store, you get free shipping on all orders over $40. Each pair of glasses comes with a case and cleaning cloth, so you’ll be instantly ready to pack them for your next trip. Mosley Tribes sunglasses are just as great for hiking or fishing as they are for lounging by the pool. You’ll want to take them everywhere

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