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About LRG

“Underground inventive, overground effective.” That is the simple slogan that guides LRG as a company. They seek out talented athletes and artists who are just doing what they love to survive and truly experience life, and once they find these inspiring individuals, they give it everything they’ve got to push their lifestyles to new levels. Above average people are the ones who ignite LRG, so that is why they create above average clothing and accessories. Driven by the passions and guidance of Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright, LRG is based in Orange County, California. This is a brand that is truly taking hold of the spotlight and shifting it to where they believe it belongs.

LRG clothing is perfect for all kinds of activities that you like to submerse yourself in. Whether you are skateboarding with your friends, working on a snowboarding film edit with your crew, or helping create the newest street art installment, LRG clothing is going to be there to help define the experience. Give your legs something to jump up and down about with a pair of LRG pants. Models like the HeartWood Chino and the Smoketree have got loads of style and attitude so that you can show what you are all about. From hoodies to tanks to tees to button ups, LRG shirts have a slew of stellar options to highlight you in whatever it is that you do.

It doesn’t get much better than LRG accessories. Sometimes the sun is shining strong, and other times your future is just super bright, so just snag a pair of LRG sunglasses like the Findaway or Motherland. Manage your time like a boss by staying on it with the waterproof LRG OG Icon Watch. And top it all off with the LRG Fresh Outdoors Hat. This is the kind of lid that helps solidify your style and stand out in a crowd.

Unabashed style and shameless attitude run rampant through the LRG lineup. Every piece they design is specifically created to fuel the passions of the artists and athletes that never stop doing what they love. Whether you are blowing up the scene above ground or making your name in the underground, LRG promises to always be there with inventive and effective clothing and accessories.

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