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About Lorpen North America Inc.

Back in the 1980s, hair metal bands, Star Wars, and Rubix Cubes were all the rage. However, nestled within the Basque region of Spain, a few folks were raging super hard on some truly radical socks that help fuel their passion for hiking. The founders of Lorpen made it their mission to create the best technical socks to enhance the experience of any serious outdoor activity. With a focus on functionality and innovation, Lorpen quickly began earning a loyal following. It wasn’t long before word about Lorpen socks spread quicker than the Millennium Falcon on the Kessel Run.

Even after undergoing significant growth, Lorpen has always stayed true to their mantra. By keeping their original vision at the forefront of all that they do, this brand continues to attract fans who are amazed by the very real difference that a legit pair of socks can make. Lorpen stays on top of their game by continuing to do what they love. It is common for team members to venture out into the surrounding mountains to do what they enjoy before heading back to the headquarters to design their socks to be better than ever.

A commitment to excellence is the result of working and living in the natural world. This also produces an organic love for Mother Nature. One of the things that sets Lorpen apart is their dedication to preserving the environment. Whenever possible, Lorpen chooses to utilize sustainable fibers and manufacturing processes that are earth-friendly. By reducing waste levels, Lorpen not only produces some truly excellent socks, but they also give the globe a hug.

Increasing comfort and durability is an accomplishment that Lorpen strives to replicate again and again with each pair of socks they create. Take the Lorpen Tri Layer LifeFit Shorty Women’s Sock for example. First, OMG, the cozy level has blasted through the roof and nestled onto a cloud of comfy awesomeness. Next up, performance. No matter what kind of outdoor action you like to get up to, this pair spurs you onward and increases enjoyment of your preferred experience by creating an environment that your feet can thrive in. And finally, let’s talk about style. Lorpen socks like this aren’t over the top with crazy designs or loud colors. They focus on function with a style that plays it smooth everywhere from the mountaintop to your stroll around the urban jungle.

As a team that has extensive knowledge and insight into what makes an amazing foot hugger, Lorpen has the perfect blend of talents that they harness to make some of the best socks in the world. Lorpen socks exist at such a high level thanks to the use of technology that is unheard of anywhere else in the industry. If your feet plead for true performance, heed their call with Lorpen socks.

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