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About Light & Motion

The quality of the brand's lights is outstanding, and it provides FL-1 Standards information for every product. These standards allow you to compare different lights and brands directly. Every Light & Motion light is tested for light output, impact resistance, water resistance and run time, so you know exactly what to expect from the brand's products.

The brand is also a company you can feel good supporting. Its employees receive outstanding treatment, and it has kept all of its jobs within the country. Light & Motion has created a community and lights you can rely on. Furthermore, it has won awards in California for reducing waste for five years in a row and reducing greenhouse gas outputs. Performance claims and test data are published on the brand's website in an effort to be as transparent and honest as possible.

A convenient solution for commuters is the Commuter Combo Bike Light Kit. It comes with a front light and tail light for plenty of visibility from both directions. The front light emits 300 lumens, which is enough to illuminate the road ahead while also making the biker highly visible. The back light emits 35 lumens continuously or in pulses to help keep riders safely visible. Made to be rechargeable via USB, they also avoid the need for disposable batteries and their toxic waste. Each light comes with a mount. Designed for extensive use, the rear light lasts for 24 hours on one charge. The front light lasts for 2.2 to 8.3 hours per charge, depending on the brightness setting.

The Solite 180 Bike Light by Light & Motion gives off 180 lumens of light and has safety side lighting for increased visibility at night. It weighs just 112 grams, so it is easy to pack and never weighs you down. The USB-rechargeable battery lasts between 2 hours and 40 minutes and 24 hours, depending on the setting. It comes with a convenient handlebar mount.

Those who regularly commute at night might require a bit more brightness and visibility. The Urban 500 Bike Light provides just that, with 500 lumens of light. It comes with a handlebar mount but can also be mounted on a helmet. At just 112 grams, the light is easy to pack. A USB-rechargeable battery is convenient and environmentally-friendly. The light lasts between 1.5 and 18 hours per charge depending on the setting.

Helmet lights allow a wider range of visibility and move with your head as you look around. The Light & Motion Vis 360 has a powerful headlight, taillight and amber sidelights for 360-degree visibility.

The front light gives off a powerful 110 lumens and the back has 4. The system is USB-rechargeable and fits all helmet types. It is lightweight and balanced, so you will not even feel it as you ride. This system is just another example of outstanding Light & Motion innovation. The brand produces versatile lights that help you see while making sure others see you.

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