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Lib Technologies

With over 25 years producing snowboards, skis and now surfboards: Lib Tech has proven they can manufacturer top of the line American made extreme sports gear all right here in the USA. Expert engineers design new technologies to help you perform your best. The brand produces a huge selection of items so that every snowboarder, surfer or skier can find gear that is a perfect fit.

For example, the brand created an “Enhanced Banana” design with a twin shape that performs well in all conditions. This design is easy to turn and has full edge contact with a catch-free tip and tail. The Lib Tech Banana Magic Snowboard has this design, and it is an incredibly stable board that does well in icy conditions. In fact, it has special serrated edges to help cut through ice and provide traction. It has glow in the dark sidewalls and a Columbian Gold eco wood core.

One of Lib Tech Snowboards most popular designs is the “C2 Power Banana”. Found in the Lib Tech Skunk Ape Snowboard, Travis Rice snowboard, and the Snowskate board, this design has a twin shape and is perfect for freestyle riding in all terrain. It is the perfect design for aggressive boarders. These boards are great for big landings and have the maximum amount of tip-to-tail pressure for stability. The Libtech Skunk Ape Snowboard is great for larger men who like a wide board with tons of pop.

The Lib Technologies Snowskate Snowboard has an incredibly unique design that is meant to be ridden without bindings. It opens up new possibilities for freestyle boarders and is especially appealing to boarders who also like to skate. It is about 40 inches long and has bent metal trucks.

Lib Technologies also creates outstanding alpine skis, which the brand calls “Narrow Ass Snowboards”. The Lib Technologies Banana Magic Skis are designed somewhat similarly to the Banana Magic Snowboard, with a Columbian Gold eco wood core and a serrated edge grip to help cut through ice. The Lib Tech Nas Free Skis are ideal for powder, although they also have serrated edges to help cut through ice. The edges on these freestyle skis make it so they don’t need tune-ups too often.

Lib Tech Snowboards also produces unique and fashionable snowboard clothing, such as the Born Again Jacket for men. The Libtech jacket sports brilliant graphics, hood and a practical waterproof design.

All Lib Tech products also have artistic graphics. Each ski and board is a work of art with incredible detail. Not only do they perform well, they stand out against the crowd as unique and stylish. Modern, environmentally conscious snowboarders and skiers turn to Lib Technologies for some of the most unique, high-performance board gear available today.

New for 2012 - 2013 Lib Tech introduces new surf technology by launching their own line of surfboards called Lib Tech Waterboards. Check them out online here:

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