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Led Lenser illuminates your path on any adventure with top quality LED flashlights and headlamps. Whether you are camping, backpacking or even just walking the dog, a convenient light is essential for safe nighttime vision. LED lights have multitudinous advantages over old school flashlights. They get less hot, making them safer all around and more comfortable to be near in warm weather. They also give off abundant light while using less electricity or battery power. The light from LEDs is bright and clear. The lights themselves are less heavy than many other options, making them excellent for trekking when you want to minimize weight.

Led Lenser

Besides creating useful and bright lights, Led Lenser also focuses on environmental integrity. It produces sustainable options, so the brand's lights leave behind less waste than others. Rechargeable lights also abate the use of disposable batteries that create toxic waste. You can charge a sustainable Led Lenser light with a renewable form of energy to leave as small of a footprint as possible.Led Lenser lights are also unbeatably versatile. For example, the M7R Rechargeable Flashlight can charge through a wall charger or a USB cable. You can focus the light both near and far to customize it for your needs at any moment. It is a full size flashlight with a length of 6.14 inches and a weight of 7.27 ounces. The light lasts for 2.5 hours to 20 hours, depending on the brightness setting. It is durable enough to withstand a range of adventures and it is conveniently water resistant.

The brand's P5R Rechargeable Flashlight also has versatile recharging options, with wall and USB capability. Furthermore, it has a magnetic wall charging holder, so you can just pop it in place on the magnet charger without having to fuss around with cords. The light can be stored in the magnetic charger without harm to the battery and it holds a charge for 3 to 7 hours depending on the setting. It gives off up to 200 lumens of light and can be recharged 1000 times. The P5R also features the Led Lenser Advanced Focus System, which illuminates both up close and far away. With a length of just 4.63 inches, the P5R is a comfortable pocket size.

The P7 Flashlight by Led Lenser is one of the brand's most popular items as well as one of the most popular LED flashlights in the world. It is extremely easy to operate with high, low and off settings as well as the brand's Advanced Focus System to easily light up objects near and far. Four AAA batteries power up to 175 lumens for 1 to 13 hours, depending on the setting. An anodized aluminum casing provides outstanding durability, and the flashlight is also water resistant. It is a full-size light with a length of 5.24 inches.

With many technological advances, such as efficient LED bulbs and the Advanced Focus System using both lenses and reflectors, Led Lenser light does not waste power or light. Whether you need a light for an emergency survival kit in your home closet or a light that you will use extensively on the most extreme adventures, a Led Lenser LED flashlight is an unbeatable choice.

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