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Leatherman Style PS
$32.95 - $34.95

Leatherman Style PS

About Leatherman

The Oregon-based American-made Leatherman Tool Group reinvented the wheel with their Pocket Survival Tool back in the 80's. With founders Tim Leatherman and Steve Berliner, not to mention the 700 strong Oregonian workforce, driving that same caravan through three decades of innovation — the Leatherman Tool Group has certainly time-tested its usefulness. By providing people with quality multi-purpose tools and products, be it the Letherman C33/C33X Knife or the 15-in-one heavy duty Crunch, Leatherman is on a mission to prepare you for the expected as well as the unexpected.

At its core, the Leatherman Tool Group has maintained steady growth and financial successes continuously over the years by creating some of the best and most reliable products in the world. From Leatherman Knives to Camping Tools and those of the Multi or Micro variety, each is made with confidence and a stamp of approval guarantee, with respect to the no-questions-asked 25 year warranty. With a humbled approach and continuous improvement to the Leatherman Operating System and business practice, the Leatherman Tool Group further maintains a vision of forever-being an Oregon native with promotional items like the Oregon Proud T-shirt.

With the Multi-Tools Leatherman provides, ranging from the Heavy-Duty to the Pocket-Size and Keychain variety - You can be sure that each is ingeniously designed with ease-of-use built into the framework. Take, for example, the Leatherman Multi-Purpose Micra. With 10 tools in one that sports everything from a nail file to a ruler and even bottle opener — the Micra multi-purpose Leatherman tool can be close at hand wherever you go, courtesy of the key ring attachment and tiny tool in a tough package mentality.

More still, the leatherman Tool Group offers a variety of specially designed lines for outdoor recreation, action sports, emergency responders, and even the travel-friendly items that you can carry by air, land or sea. While Leatherman's Hail + Style PS pocket tool aids the avid snowboarder in everything from cracking open a beer to scraping ice and retightening bindings on the fly, Leatherman's Raptor aids our emergency responders out there with a specially developed array of tools and features from the carbide glass breaker to 420HC stainless steel folding medial shears.

Plus, with community outreach programs supporting partners like Habitat For Humanity, Portland Fire And Rescue, and even the Portland Timbers with donations — the Leatherman Tool Group maintains a strong local presence and support of its partners. More so, Leatherman maintains a special Pink Program product line with tools like the Pink Style and Micra, dedicated to the support of cancer research and awareness. At the same rate, Leatherman also supports employe volunteer endeavors, fundraising for environmental conservation, and donations for wilderness restoration projects. To say that the Letherman tool group is a multi-purpose tool itself might be an understatement. As such, like its products, the Leatherman Tool Group is a company you can depend on.

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