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For over a century, Laken has been specializing in the creation of environmentally friendly water and food containers. That’s triple digit years of experience in crafting thermoses, bottles, flasks, and more to carry the stuff that fuels you on your adventures. Their dedication to producing products from the healthiest materials is not only admirable, but the fact that they have been doing it for so long makes them some of the original trendsetters in the earth-friendly company sector. When you’ve got a reliable and trustworthy source for containing your essentials, you can focus on the good times your encounters with the outdoors undoubtedly offer.

About Laken

While Laken is certainly focused on the environmental, health, and safety aspects, they believe in some good fun too. That is why they make world-class designers like Mr. Onuff and Kukuxumusu part of their team. With creative Laken water bottles and accessories available, dedicated customers are able to express themselves by rocking their favorite designs. In fact, Laken even has a program in the works that will let people design their own water bottles.

None of your outdoor excursions are complete without Laken camping accessories. Fill up the Laken Aluminum ISO 70 Bottle with your beverage of choice and get after it. Laken water bottles like this have been engineered to specifically fit the needs of sportsmen on a technical and personal level. 7mm insulated double walls made of polyethylene keep your fluids at an enjoyable temperature for up to 24 hours, and the exterior temp of the bottle is never affected so your hand won’t get burned or frozen. A spiral cap prevents spills and seals so well that it is even an ideal environment for carbonated beverages. The widemouth opening lets you flow the sweet nectar smoothly into your mouth, and that feature also allows for easy cleaning.

All Laken water bottles are made from either stainless steel or aluminum. One of the often-overlooked qualities of Laken camping accessories is the incredible durability they flex. Crazy tough Laken water bottles can take a serious beating as they have no problem keeping up with all the shenanigans you delve into. And of course, like all other Laken camping accessories, Laken water bottles are totally non-toxic and safe.

Maintaining a high quality of service is what Laken is committed to. Their strong regard for the environment and zest for taking care of their customers has proved to be a successful combination. Since you love the outdoors, why not do Mother Nature a solid by choosing to align with a brand that puts her first? When you go on an adventure, don’t just throw your provisions and liquid in just anything. Choose to trust Laken water bottles and food containers.

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