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Founded in 1930 by the Lafuma brothers in Anneyron, France, Lafuma started as a simple backpack company. Eighty four years later, Lafuma manufactures a wide range of outdoor products including trail running shoes and camping equipment. Leaders in sustainable production and conservation, Lafuma has become the industry standard when it comes to environmentalism and conservation.

About Lafuma

Steeped in a tradition that honors and respects handed-down values, but propelled by an absolute dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, the folks at Lafuma are constantly engaging big ideas. Soon after equipping the French soldiers in WW II, Lafuma’s backpacks were on their way to Greenland in 1948. After taking the fledgling hiking market by storm, Lafuma expanded their catalog to include camping equipment in 1953. Some of their products, like their “relax recliner” were so clairvoyant and successful that they still sell well today. Not long after hiring technical specialists, who were in the field testing these products in extreme altitudes and temperatures, Lafuma expanded to become a recognizable global brand. With stores and distributors worldwide, hand-crafted and durable Lafuma products are available to consumers all over the world.

If you doubt Lafuma’s commitment to innovation, consider the fold-up camping chair, a staple of weekend adventures for as long as you can remember. Before 1992, a compact, portable fold-up chair didn’t exist. The folks at Lafuma perfected the designed in 1992; they’ve sold over 400,000 units since then. And it’s not just creativity that fuels the folks at Lafuma. Very serious about the quality of their products, they rightfully rejoiced when their “Extreme 42” bag was chosen by Chamonix guides to complement their expeditions in 1999.

Just as impressive as their storied history and thirst for new products are Lafuma’s civic accomplishments. In the past thirty years, they’ve partnered with the WWF and a myriad of other environmental agencies to produce sustainable and products and promote eco-friendly initiatives. As far back as 1993, Lafuma has made bags from recycled cotton and they’ve even created their own “Eco-Leaf” brand that mandates its products incur a very minimal environmental impact.

In addition to looking for new ways to make things, Lafuma adopts industry trends and enhances them. It was Lafuma who made Gore-Tex affordable for the average consumer in 1993. If you’re looking for a carefully designed product from a company who has cultivated traditional values and actively enhanced its surrounding communities, consider outdoor gear from Lafuma.

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