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About Krochet Kids Inc.

Krochet Kids Inc. is on a mission to empower people so that they can rise above poverty. To do this, they are aiming to develop sustainable economic enhancement programs that guide the evolution of individuals and their communities. By inspiring a generation through knowledge and skill, they are giving people the power to change the world. It is those potentially influential folks that Krochet Kids strives to deliver freedom to through physical, emotional, and spiritual means. Rooted in love and forever an advocate for change, Krochet Kids is a brand that truly shines a light.

While all of that may sound convoluted and abstract, the key to the whole operation is hats. Yes, hats. And beanies. And scarves. And other crochetable things. It all started when Kohl Crecelius learned how to crochet from his older brother. He then taught his buddies Travis and Stewart the skill. They made their own pieces of headwear for use on the mountain during their high school years and soon their friends started submitting orders. The local newspaper in Spokane, WA caught wind and dubbed them the “Krochet Kids”. Through their college careers, the three guys visited developing nations and their hearts broke for the peoples of those countries. That was when they decided to make a difference.

They began teaching the people of these impoverished countries how to crochet high quality items and in turn for those products, they would pay them good wages for their work. The money they earned from their new jobs would allow families to plan for the future for the first time rather than just living day to day. And now, Krochet Kids has grown into a company that provides a sustainable way of life for over 150 families.

Crafted by dedicated workers that are striving to improve their quality of life, Krochet Kids hats are all built with the hopes of a bright future woven in every strand. Krochet Kids beanies are what it all began with, so it only makes sense that they remain a staple in this brand’s lineup. The Krochet Kids Women’s Georgia Beanie promises to keep you warm and toasty whether you are puttering around campus, running errands in town, or strolling the ski village. Preventing poverty and insulating your melon is what the Krochet Kids Women’s Lilly Beanie does best. Other handmade items like the Krochet Kids Logan Scarf are also amazing at keeping you stylishly warm and aiding impoverished communities.

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